audio entry system, door entry, business security system, electric door strike The DA two-wire audio door-entry system is an entry security system for small businesses and residential applications. The DA system hookup requires only two wires from an existing doorbell to connect the door station and activate the electric door strike without using an extra power supply or wire. The master station is equipped with a handset for private communication, a door release button, and an extra function button to activate an entrance light or gate. An optional DAR-1 call tone extension sounder is available (The DA-1AS includes DAW-P mounting plate). The vandal-resistant one-, two-, or four-call door stations have a backlit directory and are available in a choice of two color panels, silver or gray.


  • Simple two wire connection for intercom and door release - Door strike wires directly to door station
  • 1, 2, or 4-call door stations for individual or multi-tenant applications
  • Door stations are backlit, and strike is powered from main system power supply
  • Vandal resistant door stations, available in silver or gray
  • Extra function button on tenant station can be used to activate light at entry (Requires additional wiring)
  • Call extension sounder to hear call-in at remote location

System Configuration:

audio entry system, door entry, business security system, electric door strike

Power SourceAC 15V, Supplied by PT-1211C
CallingElectronic tone while call button at door is pressed
Call ToneElectronic tone, adjustable
CommunicationSimultaneous with handset
Talk PathSingle channel, private communication
WeightDA-1MD: 0.82 lbs
DA-4G: 0.60 lbs
PT-1211C: 0.88 lbs
Wiring Door station to each DA-1MD: 2 wires, polarized
DA-1MD to power: 2 wires, non-polarized
EL-9S to Door station: 2 wires, non-polarized

System Components

Model Description
DA-1AS 2Wire Door Phone
Kit with Silver Door Station Kit contains (1 Silver Single Call Door Station, 1 DA-1MD, 1 PT-1211C)
DA-1AG2 Wire Door Phone
Kit with Gray Door Station Kit contains (1 Gray Single Call Door Station, 1 DA-1MD, 1 PT-1211C)
DA-2DS2 Call Door Station, Silver
DA-2DG2 Call Door Station, Gray
DA-4DS4 Call Door Station, Silver
DA-4DG4 Call Door Station, Gray
DAW-P1-Gang mounting plate for DA series door stations
DA-1MDHandset Station (1 per tenant)
DAR-1Call Extension Sounder
PT-1211CAC Transformer, 15V AC, 10.5 VA
EL-9SElectric Door Strike