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The DCS 50si is ahead of the curve to keep you in front of the class. Start with five of the most significant achievements in digital phone systems to date: ISDN Basic Rate Digital Trunks, Computer Telephony Integration, Cadence Voice and Fax Mail Integration, Auto Attendant, Uniform Call Distribution. Then bring them all together as never before - under the direction of senoir Samsung research scientists and engineers - to create a system so unique and sophisticated that the synergy it generates far surpasses the capabilities of comparably sized product of its kind in the world.

ISDN Basic Rate

The Shortest Distance Between Everything And Everyone
"Super I" - the DCS 50si's advanced interface switching technology - provides system users with ISDN speed and flexibility and enables multiple users to share a single ISDN line. This resource sharing ability gives your company the flexibility to easily grow your system as new employees join your ranks and more ISDN lines are required. Adding devices such as ISDN modems as well as digital desktop phones and personal computers to a single extension port is a simple process. Such resource sharing effiiencies simplify system operations by reducing the number of lines required to handle your total telecommunications needs.

The DCS 50si supports ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI) circuits for high speed internet access. The BRI card for the DCS 50si consists of four circuits, each of which can support two channels. The DCS 50si can support up to six BRI cards.

Computer Telephony Integration

Integrating Computer Efficiencies With Telephone Technologies
The DCS 50si makes Computer Telephony Integration as easy as receiving or placing a call. Its seemless connection to your PC can multiply the performance capabilities of your company's phone operations many times over. Furthermore, and by design, DCS 50si will be able to accommodate future generations of software will no doubt bring about CTI performance capabilities that are only imagined today. In this way, the DCS 50si can help put your company in the vanguard of visionary organizations that take the best of today's technologies and combine them in ways that will work to their advantage now and for years to come.

Cadence Voice Mail

"Higher I.Q." Technology Unifies Phone, Voice Mail and Fax Functions, In A Way You Used To Only Dream Of
CADENCE's total unity with the DCS 50si's operating architecture greatly enhances the systems overall performance capabilities. Its "Higher I.Q." circuitry seamlessly coordinates a number of complex telecommunications functions - including Phone, Voice Mail and Fax - in a single operating mode. This makes it possible for companies like yours to provide callers with faster, smoother connections and more information as quickly as possible. Additionally, Cadence gives the DCS 50si the ability to store faxes sent to voice mailboxes until you are ready to print them You decide when and where they should be sent, so you can keep your incoming fax messages under control and confidential.

Auto Attendant / Uniform Call Distribution

Bringing You The Communication Powers Of Corporate Giants With A Convenient And Versatile Call Center Already Built In
The DCS 50si auto attendant UCD card helps give small and growing companies the kind of versatility, flexibility and efficiency in their phone operations that only much larger companies could previously afford.

The auto attendant offloads traffic from your receptionist with a welcome message that can be immediately followed by action-oriented directions. Uniform call distribution (UCD) means that incoming calls are distributed equally to all members of your sales or service team. Additionally, the UCD traffic flow monitor literally sees that calls are never stacked or backed up. These large call center features, previously employed exclusively by major corporations, generate smoother overall communication and greater customer satisfaction.


The customizing capabilities to fit your compnay like a glove.
Whether your business phone system needs can best be served by a few lines with many stations or many lines with a few stations, the DCS 50si has unique configuration capabilities that enable you to have it either way and always the way you want it.

The power to grow with you
Working from your base of 8 digital keyphone extensions, you add analog lines, digital ISDN circuits or ISDN stations for high speed Internet access. As your needs change and your business grows, you can easily add more digital keyphones and single lines. Because even the smallest business can benefit from call center capabilities, the auto attendant/uniform call distribution option is readily available for versatile and efficient call handling. With the addition of an expansion cabinet, you can continue to grow your business, and support Cadence, the ultimate voice and fax processing solution.

Flexibility and Freedom

Never before has a system been designed to do so much!
The DCS 50si gives you the ability to free your company from the narrow structural confines that other comparably sized systems would impose on your company and gives you greater communications freedom and flexibility than you had previously imagined. To sum it up, in addition to working faster and better, it will continue to work for you so much longer, and will keep you on top of the technology world.

System Specifications

Circuit TypeMaximum Number
(32 with Cadence)
Keysets and AOMs40
Computer Telephony Modules40
Single Line Telephones32
CO/Centrex/PBX Lines18
BRI Circuits24
E&M Tie Lines12
Cadence Ports8