toshiba dk40 upgrade, toshiba dk16 upgrade, toshiba system upgrade, toshiba upgrade Upgrade your DK16e to a DK40i quickly and easily with the ROM Chip Upgrade Pack!

DK40i Upgrade Pack Features

  • The CO (incoming lines) line capacity increases from 8 to 12 lines. Four additional lines, including tie, DID, ground, or loop start can be added to the system.
  • Up to 16 Distributed Hunt Groups can be added, using the same programs as in the DK424.
  • SMDI Voice mail integration can be connected, using the same programs as in the DK424.
  • Directed (DN) Pickup code #5#2XXX is provided. (XXX = PDN or PhDN)

DK40i Example for Reaching the Maximum Capacity:

  • Install 1-TCOU in base unit for 4 CO lines and 8 digital lines (4x8x0). Install 1-K5RCU3 and 1-KSTU2 in base unit for 4 standard lines (0x0x4). Install 1-RCOU and 1-RCOS in expansion unit for 8 CO lines (8x0x0). Install 2-PDKU2 (digital) or 2-RSTU2 (standard) in expansion unit for 16 lines (0x16).
  • Base Unit: 4x8x4 (4 CO's, 8 Digital Station Lines, 4 Standard Line Telephones). 1-TCOU, 1-K5RCU3, 1-KSTU2.
  • Expansion Cabinet: 8x16x0 (8 CO's, 16 Digital Station Lines). 1-RCOU, 1-RCOS, 2-PDKU2 or RSTU2.
  • Total Capacity: 12x24x4.

DK40i Abbreviated Installation Procedures:

  • Step 1 - Backup the existing database before ROM change. (Without backup the system programming will need to be reprogrammed.)
  • Step 2 - Change the ROM.
  • Step 3 - Restore the database after changing the ROM. (If no backup was completed the system must be reprogrammed.)
  • Step 4 - Apply cabinet identification sticker.