If you’re running a business, regardless of the size, one of the first items you should consider when setting up your customer service phone system is having digital music on hold available for your clients and customers. If you’ve ever called for support from a company, you know how quickly you form an impression based on their standards of service.

What is it?

The term, commonly referred to as “music on hold” is using music, or a series of tracks, as a backdrop for those waiting to be served by your company. This service has been known to increase the patience of users, should they have to experience longer-than-desired wait times for a technical issue. The music is often instrumental, and ranges in length from a few seconds to several minutes.

How does it work?

Music is fed through a specifically designed Music On Hold system, much like those available on http://www.twacomm.com. These systems can be used with standard phones and answering machines but you cannot use them with call waiting services. A great way around this problem is to order call forwarding from your phone company. Once the system is set up (which you can easily do yourself by following the simple on-box directions or having the system professionally installed), the music will automatically be heard when a user is placed on hold, regardless of the reason or length of time.

You can also purchase royalty free music for use on your system, meaning you will not have to pay fees to have the music heard by your customers.

What are other perks?

Aside from using music while your customers are on hold, you can also deliver custom messages about company products, policies, or promotions. Many companies choose to give information about their most frequently asked questions. If your customer returns from being on hold with more information, it shows that you value their time while also giving you the ability to serve more customers.

These messages can be done from within your company, but many choose to hire a production company with proper voice talent and audio equipment in order to leave their users with the best impression possible. Remember, the idea is to make the ordeal of calling for support as easy and painless as possible.

How much does it cost?

Twacomm.com has a variety of music on hold systems and audio equipment, ranging from $100 to several hundred dollars, depending on use and volume of need. No matter your budget or company size, you can feel confident you will find just the right system for all your customer service needs. If desired, you can also find affordable voice and production services simply by doing a bit of research.

Regardless of your company size or daily call volume, you will definitely want to consider music on hold as a service to provide to your customers.

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