EnGenius solutions of long range cordless telephones..
The EnGenius DuraFon 1X is the longest range cordless phone on the market. The DuraFon 1X provides 2-way radio or broadcast between handsets, independent of the base, and its expandable system allows up to 4-lines (1 line per base unit) and 36 handsets.

The DuraFon1X is the 3rd generation of Industrial Cordless Phone Systems EnGenius has invented. The DuraFon1X has the longest range avaliable in a phone system. Reach up to 250,000 square feet in manufacturing plants, warehouses, retail stores, and healthcare facility like environments; 12 floors in-building penetration; and 3,000 acres on farms, ranchers, and school campuses. The two-way-radio is independent of the base, allowing intercom and brodcast signals. You can even program your handset by individual base unit to receive all calls or just transfer. The system can also expand along with your growing business with up to 4-line (1 line per base unit) and 36 handsets. The DuraFon1X carries more features like Caller ID with call waiting, digital spread spectrum with frequency hopping, multi-line, 30-number speed dial and much more.

  • Durability: Ruggedized housing, shock resistant antenna, double-locked battery
  • Ease of Use:User-Programmable PBX Keys, intuitive menu selections, telephone, two-way radio broadcast and intercom.
  • Reliability: Very high antenna sensitivity means call link even if far from the base unit. 25 years of long range RF manufacturing experience.
  • Affordabilty :Low per user cost. Low installation cost. No monthly airtime fees. No monthly serviced fees.
  • Superior Sound Sound Quality


  • 12 floors in building
  • 250,000 sq. ft. in warehouse or retail store
  • 3,000 acres on a farm or ranch
  • Single Line (1-ports / line per base unit)
  • Multiple handsets (up to 9 per base unit)
  • Each handset can work with up to 4 base units
  • Works behind any analog port of a PBX, phone system or analog phone line
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Ease to use
  • 6 hours talk time, 50 hours stand-by time
  • Optional external antenna for indoor use in warehouses and manufacturing plant or outdoor use on farms and car lots

Technical Specifications

Electrical SpecsBase UnitHandset
Frequency902 - 928 MHz902 - 928 MHz
RF PowerPeak: 708 mW
Average: 76 mW
Peak: 708 mW
Average: 76 mW
Channel Spacing200 kHz200 kHz
Number of Channels128128
Multiple AccessFreq. Hopping TDMAFreq. Hopping TDMA
Freq. Hopping Rate100 per second100 per second
TDMA Frame Length10 ms10 ms
Number of Slots / Frames44
Receiver Sensitivity< -108 dBm (@ BER 10-2)< -108 dBm (@ BER 10-2)
Antenna ConnectorReverse TNCNon-standard
Antenna Gain2 dBi Standard Rubber Duc Antenna
3 dBi Enternal Antenna Option
2 dBi Tall Handset Antenna
.5 dBi Low Profile Handset Antenna
TX Power Control RangeN/A100- 708 mW
Telephone InterfaceRJ11 x 2N/A
Speech Coding8 kbps G.729A8 kbps G.729A
Channel Coding8 kbps Convolutional + CRC8 kbps Convolutional + CRC
Transmission Data Rate170.678 kbps176.678 kbps
User Data Rate128 kbps duplex128 kbps duplex
DuplexTime Division Duplex (TDD)Time Division Duplex (TDD)
Voice QualityTIA / EIA -470BTIA / EIA -470B
Number of System ID65,53665,536
Ring Signal20-50 Hz, 12-90 VrmsN/A
Flash Time100 - 900 ms ProgrammableN/A
Power Source120V/12V AC/ DC Adapter3.6V, 1700 mAh Li-Ion Battery
Charger CurrentN/A600 mA
Charge TimeN/A4 Hours
RegulationComplianceFCC Part 15, Part 68 CAN/DOC RSS210, CS03FCC Part 15, Part 68
Hearing Aid Compatible
Operating Temperature-10 - 60 oC (14 - 140 o F)-10 - 60 oC (14 - 140 o F)
Storage Temperature-10 - 70 oC (14 - 158 o F)-10 - 70 oC (14 - 158 o F)
Humidity20 - 75%20 - 75%
Dimension without Antenna188 x 161 - 42 mm
7.4"x 6.3"x 1.7"
161 x 58 - 31 mm
6.3"x 2.3"x 1.2"
Weight15 Ounces (424 g)6.2 Ounces (175 g)