engenius, engenius cordless phones, engenius sn-920, engenius telephones Does the DuraFon system work behind a PBX?
Yes, the DuraFon will work behind any analog port or line.

Can a DuraFon port be dedicated to an individual handset or group of handsets?
Yes, the DuraFon ports can be dedicated to an individual handset or a group of handsets; or can be shared with all handsets.

Are all the DuraFon models compatible with each other?
No, each DuraFon model base will work only with that model handsets. (The DuraWalkie works with the PRO system and handsets only)

ENGENIUS SN-920 DISCO NOTICE. The SN-920 is discontinued. It was replaced by the DuraFon 1x.The DuraFon 1x has all the same features as the SN-920 with a few upgrades. You'll find that the EnGenius DuraFon 1X now has a built in headset jack (no adapter required), enhanced broadcasting features allowing you to group handsets for multiple 2-way broadcasts at a single time, additional programmable soft buttons for use behind a PBX/Key system, and the handset is now made of a "rubberized" plastic. This plastic allows the phone to be dropped and/or hit with out damaging the handset. This new design should prolong the life of your DuraFon 1x Long Range Cordless Phones.

What's the difference between the SN-900 and the new SN-920?
The new SN-920 Ultra features several improvements over the SN-900. The SN-920 is an Engenius long range cordless phone using a strong transmission power of 800 mWatt (the SN-900 uses 630mWatt). A major improvement that will make many people happy is the addition of a headset adapter (the SN-900 does not allow this). Also, the SN-920 comes with a NiMH battery standard, whereas the SN-900 comes with a NiCd battery. Other new features to the SN-920 include music on hold capabilities and 1 touch phone directory access.

Can I use my older SN-900 with the new SN-920
Those folks at EnGenius are actually rather clever! The new SN-920 is backwards compatible which means you can use any SN-900 base or handset with any SN-920 handset or base! If you already own a SN-900, you can add a SN-920 handset and have the ability to use a headset.

Does it really get 5 miles range?
We asked ourselves that same question. We tried an EnGenius SN-920 Ultra here in the office. The area around our office is urban with lots of concrete and steel and not many open spaces - your basic crowded city. Our office also has a lot of computers and other electronic equipment which might cause trouble. But even under these conditions, we still managed to get half a mile, or about 2500 feet. Compare that to your standard 900Mhz range of 100-150 feet and the EnGenius SN-920 Ultra is still an awesome phone.

Why do EnGenius long range cordless telephones transmit further than other cordless phones?
The simple answer is that EnGenius cordless phones transmit more power. Cellular phones transmit at 600 milliwatts. Most cordless phones transmit between 80 milliwatts and 100 milliwatts. The EnGenius Industrial Cordless Phone System transmits at 800 milliwatts.

Has the Engenius Industrial Cordless Phone System passed all of the regulatory and safety testing?
Yes. The EnGenius Industrial Cordless Phone System passed all safety and regulatory requirements for the USA and Canada.

What's so great about full duplex technology?
Full duplex capability lets you talk and listen at the same time. The EnGenius long range cordless phones makes use of this technology.

Can I expand my EnGenius cordless phone system?
One of the other benefits of the EnGenius SN-920 Ultra cordless phone system is its flexibility. Each base unit can support up to 9 handsets and 4 base units in different locations. Additional handsets are available separately.

Are the phones secure?
Yes. There are three levels of security. First, when you register a handset to a base unit, it assigns one of 65000 unique security codes to the handset. Second, the phone conversation is digital and cannot be picked up by other analog phones or baby monitors. Third, we utilize a military level frequency hopping scheme in which the phone automatically changes channels over 200 times per second.

Can I attach the EnGenius Industrial Cordless Phone System to an existing PBX?
Yes. All you need is an analog port off of the PBX. Additionally, try to place the base unit and antenna at least 10 feet away from other electronic equipment and as high as possible in an open area for best results.

If you transmit at 800 milliwatts, how do you get your battery to last up to 4 hours?
Each handset has a receive signal strength indicator. We constantly measure the signal strength and only transmit as much power as is required to maintain a good signal. We transmit anywhere from 80 milliwatts to 800 milliwatts on one-fifteenth increments.

Will I get better range with the EnGenius optional outdoor external antenna and 60 feet (20m) of cable?
Think about connecting the television in your living room with rabbit ears and then connecting that television to an antenna on the roof. The signal is better because it has to travel through fewer obstructions to reach your television. The Engenius optional outdoor antenna is very similar. Instead of the signal traveling through several walls and obstructions to get outside, which reduces the signal strength, the antenna is already outside. Also, by having the antenna up higher, the signal will provide a better area of coverage. The Engenius optional external antenna is a 6db gain antenna. The 60 feet (20M) cable has a 7db loss. Therefore, the antenna and cable have been matched to provide the optimum cable length without sacrificing range.

Does the EnGenius Industrial Cordless Phone System use the base unit to connect two handsets in a two-way radio conversation?
No. The handsets work completely independent of the base unit. As an example, you can have 4 pairs of two-way radio call going on simultaneously and the 9th person can use the remote location (construction site, beach, farm, mountains, lake) and use them as two-way radios. When used as two-ways radios, the conversations are full duplex (just like a phone call), digital and private. There is no group chatter. You are talking to the specific handset in which you have initiated the two-way radio call.

With each EnGenius handset, you have included a long and a short antenna. Why do you include both?
Some people prefer the convenience of the shorter antenna. In their application, they may not need the full range of the EnGenius System. The longer range antenna is designed to maximize range and will give you the approximately 20% more range in an open area.

How many handsets can you have in one area without incurring interference?
We conducted three tests in rooms varying in size:

  • Test A: In a room which was 25 feet by 15 feet, we first saw interference when the 14th phone or 7 simultaneous radio frequency links were established using the two-way radio mode.

  • Test B: In a room which was 30 feet by 30 feet, we first saw interference when the 26th phone or 13 simultaneous radio frequency links were established using the two-way radio mode.

  • Test C: This test was to determine how far the base units need to be separated from each other or from electrical equipment. The result was that a minimum of 10 feet (3M) was required to minimize noise and other interference. A recommendation of 20 feet is suggested.

How many lines can I have?
Each EnGenius base unit can support 1 analog phone line. An EnGenius handset can be registered to as many as 4 base units or 4 separate lines.

What does Industrial Cordless mean?
Industrial Cordless Phone Systems are designed for demanding business environments. Industrial Cordless Phone Systems offer:

  • Long-range cordless and two-way capabilities
  • Secure, private communication utilizing digital spread spectrum with frequency hopping technology of over 200 channels per second
  • Digital, full duplex Two-WAy Radio communications independent of the base unit
  • Expandability
  • External antenna capability
  • Multiple line capacity
  • Multi-user capability
  • Call hold and call transfer capabilities
engenius, engenius cordless phones, engenius sn-920, engenius telephones

Is special wiring required for the EnGenius Industrial Cordless Phone System?
No, the EnGenius System will work with any standard electrical 120-volt AC wall outlets and any standard analog telephone line port.

Will I have to program my handsets in order to use them?
No, the EnGenius Phone System's handsets come pre-programmed at the factory to operate immediately with the included base unit.

What accessories come with the EnGenius Cordless Phone System?
Accessories included with the Engenius Cordless Phone Systems are:

  • Spare battery pack per handset
  • Long Antenna
  • Short Antenna
  • Rapid / trickle desktop charger separated handset

What is the battery time of the EnGenius Phone System handsets?
The average talk-time is up to four hours on a fully charged battery. The average stand-by time is up to 36 hours on a fully charged battery. The EnGenius Phone System includes two batteries per handset; you can even change the battery while a caller is on hold.

What is the manufacturer's warranty?
One-year limited warranty.

What can be done to maximize the range performance?
By removing as many obstacles as possible and placing the base and/or antenna as high as possible will enhance the range. Maintain as much line-of-sight transmission as possible.

If my base has multiple handsets, can I make two-way radio transmissions while someone is making a cordless phone call?
Yes, the two-way radio transmissions are completely independent of the base. So, in fact you could take several handsets to a remote area away from the base and have two-way radio conversations between the handsets.

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