The rising cost of energy has put energy efficiency on everyone’s mind. Government regulators are even getting involved in crafting new residential building codes to encourage homeowners to join businesses in curbing energy-waste. Energy Efficiency gives you a helping hand in controlling these costs around your home.

Energy Efficiency Decora Home Controls System

Transform your home from energy waster to energy saver. DHC Dimming Wall Switch Modules can quickly replace your existing switches to add full-range local dimming and brightening, letting you use just enough light to meet your needs and nothing more. Even in the full ON position, advanced dimmers can save energy-and because they dramatically extend the life of light bulbs(which can be challenging to recycle),they are also easier on the environment. They can also respond to command signals sent over your existing AC wiring from the DHC Wall Switch Controllers and Programmers in other locations. Touch one button to make sure all lights are OFF as run out the door. Schedule appliances like washing machines, dryers, pool pumps and sprinklers to run during off-peak hours when utility rates are lower. the possibilities are endless.

Energy Efficiency in Brief:

No new wiring is needed.Selected regular switches and receptacles in the home are replaced with addressable DHC Switch, Receptacle or Plug-In Lamp Receiver Modules. DHC Wall Switch and Tabletop Controller modules or Programmers transmit unique coded commands over your home's existing AC wiring, telling DHC Receiver modules to turn lights ON/OFF/DIM/BRIGHT or appliances ON/OFF. A single address Controller located at the home exit switches lights ALL ON/ALL OFF. A DHC Programmer can add scheduled remote control of lightning and appliances to your energy saving efforts. All components are designed for use with the complete line of Home Controls products-allowing you to expand the system at any time.

  • Decora Home Controls help save energy with local and remote dimming of lights and scheduling of appliances to run during off-peak hours when electric rates are low.
  • Turn all lights OFF at the touch of a button when you leave home
  • Replaces existing switches and receptacles and requires no new wiring

Leviton Energy Efficient Home Control System Package

TYPEItem #
Scene Capable Dimming Wall Switch ReceiversHXM06-1TW, HXM10-1TW
15A/120V Split Duplex Receptacle (1 witch outlet)6227
One-Address ON/OFF Wall Switch ControllerHXC10-1TW
All ON/ALL OFF ControllerHXC1A-1TW
1,2,3 or 4-Address ON/OFF GROUP DIM/BRIGHT ControllerHXC1D-1TW, HXC2D-1TW, HXC3D-1TW, HXC4D-1TW
7 Scene ControllerHXC7S-1TW
Toscana Delux ProgrammerHCCPG-1TW
Table Top Controller6320
Amplifier/Repeater Module*HCA02-10E

* Recommended in all DHC installations to ensure system reliability