In the world of telecommunications, Corning stands out. They are a leader in fiber optic and copper connections. Their products are indispensable in creating new communications technology and bringing quality to everything they do. Their fiber optic equipment covers a wide range of telecommunication needs.

Corning Cable Optical Fiber Access Tool for Mid-span Access enables fibers in a buffer tube, with or without slack (mid-span location). The OFT-000 gage comes with a tool which determines buffer tube diameter. It also has other features that make it easy to operate.

Thereís the Corning Cable Strip Gauge too, that is for advanced fiber optic installations.

Corning Fiber Optic also makes anaerobic glass insert MM connectors.

Whatever your fiber optic needs, Corning has what you need. But how do you know exactly what your business system needs? If you arenít personally acquainted with Corning Fiber Optic products, a short trip to can provide you with all the information you require to select the right Corning product to keep your business telecommunications running smoothly. They have everything from tools to tape, all at the touch of your fingers as you browse the catalog of fine Corning products.

As with all technology, fiber optics have come a long way since their inception. New solutions with fiber optics are popping up as quickly as new problems arise with the state of the art telecommunication systems that are on the market today. You want to keep your business running at its peak efficiency and Corning fiber optics can help you insure that everything works as it should.

Whether youíre just starting out in business or doing a series of upgrades on a long-standing enterprise, Corning fiber optic can help. If your equipment is outdated you can get all the new fiber optics from Corning with just a convenient trip to and a perusal of their Corning catalog. No matter what you need to keep your business running smoothly or to make it run even better, all your fiber optic needs are waiting for you with Corning. Whether you look for the products yourself or have your technical staff do the leg work, your new fiber optic system from Corning is right at hand. You can access the website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that all your fiber optic needs can be met as soon as you need them. No more traveling to different stores and hoping to locate the right equipment! No more fighting the elements and traffic to buy what your business needs to maximize its efficiency. Your home or office computer is the only shopping trip youíll have to make to purchase any of the fine Corning telecommunications fiber optic products that a successful business demands.

This is the information age and being able to communicate with customers and clients is the key to success. Corning fiber optics are a vital part of that key and is where you can find the Corning products you need.

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