When youíre looking for a floor outlet box, your first consideration is functionality. Will your outlet box have the capacity to serve all your data, video and audio, CATV and other electronic input requirements?

Secondly, is the floor outlet box easily accessible as well as unobtrusive and adaptable? Is it trip-resistant and well protected?

Are you seeking installment in concrete flooring? If you are looking for a unit that can serve several combinations of electrical outlets, the Hubbell Large Capacity Floor Box could be just the right choice for you. This floor outlet box provides six compartments with the ability to accommodate multiple combinations of voice, video, CATV and data input outlets, whether fiber or electrical. It features two large cable exit doors and is available in cast iron and stamp steel. It has a tough one piece cover that can withstand abuse and load.

The cost-effective Hubbell Round Floor Box is easy to install and allows for both communications and power cabling. It has duplex flaps that close when not being used, ensuring dirt and debris canít enter the unit when itís idle. The cover and flange can be retrofitted with ease, attached with screws rather than glue. A concrete cover is provided for additional safety and protection. Optional divider is available to separate electrical from communications outlets.

The floor outlet box may be a basic necessity, but its functionality is crucial to your operations. Why not look for a unit that pays attention to the details and offers the quality and protection your system deserves?

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