aiphone, audio entry system, door entry, door entry system With our personal security at an all time importance, the Aiphone GF Audio Only Apartment Entry System is the ultimate in audio entry systems for both durability and ease of use. Aiphone introduces the simplest apartment entry intercom system available on the market, allowing you to have up to have up to 5 entrances and 100 residences. With an extremely durable, attractive and vandal resistant entrance station that is fully modular, the GF System makes installation a snap. The Entry Station has directory backlighting as a standard feature. The GF system features a simple 2-wire BUS connection to all room station throughout the system, enabling simple and quick system set-up, allowing each office or apartment to have up to 2 stations. Total wiring distance can be up to 1.5 miles. A very simple 2-conductor wire is all that is needed throughout the entire system.

There is a simple call tone as well as a blinking light to let you know that someone is at the entrance. The call tone can also be turned off. You pick up the handset and talk to the person at the entry. He talks to you hands free. You can also unlock the door from any room station too, just simply push a button to unlock the door unlock to let them in. There is also an extra button on the inside station to control a porch light if necessary. The GF audio system is the ideal communication solution for any new and existing apartment applications.


  • One to five entrance panels and 250 tenant locations (Note wire distance specifications on larger systems)
  • Digital entrance panel kits available for easy designing, selling, and installation
  • Simple wiring with only 2 common wires run throughout the system (see specifications below)
  • Entrance panels with individual call buttons are designed modularly, allowing each panel to be configured with the appropriate number of buttons.
  • Up to two inside handset stations for easy communication with visitor
  • Access control from inside station to calling entrance (door release)
  • Opitional individual doorbell to ring handset station
  • Door release timer (5~20 seconds), allowing easy entry of postal or delivery workers
  • Security Guard or Concierge Station can be included to provide communication from office/lobby to tenants.
  • Panic call switch can be added to tenant locations for emergency calling to guard/concierge.

Power Source 24V DC, 0.7A Max. (30mA in standby) Use PS-2410LC only
Power Supply PS-2410LC to GF-BC
Station Capacity 100 locations (with individual buttons). Up to 250 locations with digital entrance panel. (Max. 250 total room stations.)
Entrance Stations 1 to 5
Apartment StationMax. two audio-only stations per apartment (Max. 250 GF-1D's per system. Note total cumulative wire distance specification for larger systems.)
Calling Tones
Electronic ring tone from entrance station(s)
Differentiated ring tone from individual doorbell
Door Release Contact4A at 24V AC/DC (EL, EL terminals on GF-DA, dry closure)
Wiring 2-wire common bus wiring from Entrances to GF-BC
2-wire common bus wiring from GF-BC to GF-1D's
Max. 50 stations on a trunk line.
Run audio wires in T-tap fashion to minimize wire distance in larger applications. Total wire distance specification is cumulative, adding all physical audio wire in the system. Maintain total distance of under 8,200 feet (1.5 miles). It is not recommended that the audio wire be homerun to an equipment room in larger applications where wire distance specification may be exceeded.
Wire Use Aiphone wire #872002 2 conductor, solid copper, shielded, polyethylene insulation, 20 AWG.
NOTE: Proper operation or warranty for the system is not guaranteed with any other type of wire.
Distance GF-BC to Junction Point: 16' with 20AWG
GF-BC to PS-2410LC: 16' with 20AWG
Junction Point to farthest Apartment: 980' with 20AWG
Junction Point to farthest Entrance(s): 980' with 20AWG
Total cumulative audio wire (R1, R2) distance must not exceed 8,200' per system with 20AWG wire. (Equivalent to 1.5 miles and 2.5 km)

Wiring Diagram::
aiphone, audio entry system, door entry, door entry system
System Components:
Apartment Station GF-1D Handset Station
GF-1DK Handset station w/Concierge call & panic call
Bus Control Unit GF-BC for Audio
Power Supply PS-2410LC 120V AC
PS-2410LD 230V AC
Entrance Modules GF-DA Audio Module
GF-DP Audio Panel
GF-SW Call Switch Module
GF-1P 1-Call Panel
GF-2P 2-Call Panel
GF-3P 3-Call Panel
GF-4 4-Call Panel
GF-BP Blank Panel
GF-AD Address Module
GF-AP Address Panel
Front Frames GF-2F 2-Module
GF-3F 3-Module
Back Boxes GF-2B 2-Module
GF-3B 3-Module
Concierge Station GF-MK Concierge Station
GFW-S Desk-top stand

Use GF-DA/B and GF-NS/A, when GF-MK is installed (GF-DA, G-DA/A and GF-NF are not compatible with GF-MK.)

Entrance Panel Kits:
(Kit includes modular components needed to complete an entrance station. Assembly at installation is required.)

GFA-DES10- Key Audio-Only Entrance Panel for systems without a concierge station

Entrance Panel Modular Components

GF-NS/ADigital LCD Display ModuleGF-APAddress Panel
GF-NSPLCD Display Module PanelGF-2F2-module front frame
GF-10K10- Key ModuleGF-3F3-module front frame
GF-10KP10-Key Module PanelGF-2B2-module back box
GF-DA/BSpeech ModuleGF-3B3-module back box
GF-DPSpeech Module PanelGF-102H2 Module Rain Hood (1H x 2V)
GF-SWCall Switch ModuleGF102HB2 Module Surface Mount Rain Hood (1H x 2V)
GF-1P1- Call button PanelGF-103H3 Module Mount Rain Hood (1H x 3V)
GF-2P2-Call button PanelGF-103HB 3 Module Surface Mount Rain Hood (1H x 3V)
GF-3P3-Call button PanelGF-202H 4 Module Mount Rain Hood (2H x 2V)
GF-4P4-Call button PanelGF-202H 4 Module Surface Mount Rain Hood (2H x 2V)
GF-BPBlank PanelGF-203H6 Module Mount Rain Hood (2H x 3V)
GF-ADAddress Module----------

Additional Equipment Required

GF-1D Audio handset with door release for systems without concierge station
(1 or 2 per apartment, max 150 handsets per system)
GF-1DS Audio handset with door release and extra contact for systems without concierge station
(1 or 2 per apartment, max 150 handsets per system)
GF-1DK Audio handset with door release for systems with concierge station
(1 or 2 per apartment, max 150 handsets per system)
GF-MK Concierge Station
Max two per system. Requires use of:
GF-1DK Audio Handset
GF-DS/B Audio module
GF-BC Bus Control Unit (1 per system)
PS-2410LC Power supply (1 per system)

Additional Optional Equipment

GF-C 30" Connecting Wire (optional, for large entrance panels with audio module installed in center of panel.)
GFW-SDesk stand for GF-MK
GFK-PSPanic Call Switch
MAW-BExternal Light Relay