Keep Buildings & Tenants SECURE

Up to 16 Entrances and 500 Tenants per building
  • Identify Visitors
  • Unlock Doors
  • ADA Compliant Design
  • Variety of Stations
  • Easy to Use

The GT Series is perfect for...
  • Apartments & Condominiums
  • Office Buildings
  • High Rise Complexes
  • Commercial & Residential Mix Buildings
  • Dormitories & Student Housing
  • Senior & Retirement Communities

Building Entrances

Provide 24/7 security with the GT Series. Keep buildings locked and allow tenants to safely identify visitors. If there is an issue at an entrance, tenants can quickly contact security or the manager’s office.
  • 170° PanTilt & Zoom video camera for larger viewing area
  • Built-in access code keypads for keyless entry
  • CCTV system integration
  • Concierge visitor screening

For Building Owners & Property Management Firms

  • No monthly phone bills
    The GT Series is a hardwired system, preventing unnecessary expenses
  • 500 unique access codes
    Create different security codes for each tenant to access the building
  • Add & remove tenant names easily
    Hassle free maintenance to accommodate moving tenants

Communicate & Control Entrances

When a visitor calls in from the building entrance, the tenant may view and communicate with the guest to determine if they can be let into the building. Tenants may then easily unlock the door for guests.
  • Video ID
  • 2-way Audio
  • Door Buzz-in

Suite Security

Make your building attractive to new tenants by providing convenient and easy-to-use security.
  • Dual zone alarm inputs for security devices, such as window and door contacts or personal wireless pendants.
  • Auto-alert to Concierge Station when alarm is triggered.
  • Disarm and arm Suite Security easily with GT-2C.
  • Loud siren to alert tenants and scare away potential threats.

System Components

ImageModel No.Name
GT-DMGT Series All-in-One Video Entrance Station
GTV-DES202 GTV-DES202GT Series 2 x 2 Video Entrance Station with Digital Directory
GTA-DES GTA-DESAudio Entrance Station with Digital Directory
GT-2C GT-2CGT Series Master Monitor Station with Picture Memory
GT-HS GT-HSGT Series Audio Handset
GT-1A GT-1AGT Series Audio Only Tenant Station
GT-1D GT-1DGT Series Tenant Station
GT-MK GT-MKGT Series Concierge / Guard Station
GFW-S GFW-SDesk Stand for GF-MK and GT-MK
GFK-PS GFK-PSGF and GT Series Panic Call Switch
GT-VA GT-VAGT Series Camera Module
GT-VP GT-VPGT Series Front Panel Camera Module Cover
GT-DA-L GT-DA-LAudio Speaker Module for GT Series Multi-Tenant Color Video Entry Security System
GT-DP-L GT-DP-LFront Panel Cover for GT Series Audio Speaker Module
GT-NSP-L GT-NSP-LFront Cover for GT Series Digital Scroll Module
GT-10K GT-10KGT Series 10 Key Module
GF-10KP GF-10KP10-Key Module Panel
GT-SW GT-SWGT Series 4 Call Switch Module
GF-4P GF-4PGF and GT Series Additional 4-Call Panel
GF-3P GF-3PGF and GT Series Additional 3-Call Panel
GF-2P GF-2PGF and GT Series Additional 2-Call Panel
GF-1P GF-1PGF and GT Series Additional 1-Call Panel
GT-AD GT-ADAddress Module
GF-AP GF-APPanel for GF-AD Address Module
GF-BP GF-BPGF and GT Series Blank Panel
GF-HID GF-HIDProximity Card Reader Module for GF
GF-HID-I GF-HID-IiClass Card Reader Module for GF and GT System
GF-OP2 GF-OP22 Panel Postal Lock for GF and GT System
GF-OP3 GF-OP33 Panel Postal Lock for GF and GT System (1 Open Panel Space)
GF-2B GF-2BBack Box for GF Common 2-Wire Multi-Unit Entry System
GF-2F GF-2F2-Module Front Frame
GF-3B GF-3BGF and GT Series Back Box
GF-3F GF-3FGF and GT Series 3-Module Front Frame
GT-202H GT-202HGT Series Four Module Rain Hood
GT-202HB GT-202HBGT Series Four Module Surface Mount Box with Rain Hood
GT-203H GT-203HGT Series Six Module Rain Hood
GT-203HB GT-203HBGT Series Six Module Surface Mount Box with Rain Hood
GT-BC GT-BCGT Series Audio Bus Control Unit
GT-BCX GT-BCXGT Series Audio Control Unit
GT-VBC GT-VBCGT Series Video Control Unit
GT-VBX GT-VBXGT Series Expanded Video Control Unit
GT-4Z GT-4ZGT Series 4-Monitor Video Distribution Adapter
GTW-LC GTW-LCGT Series Lift Control Adapter
PS-2420UL PS-2420UL24V DC, 2A Power Supply
W-DIN11 W-DIN11DIN-Rail Mounting Bracket for GF-BC
GF-C GF-C3-1/8"Connecting Wire