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Which headset will work best for you?
Unless you work on a flight deck or inside a manufacturing plant, the ambient noise of your workplace is probably at or below 65dB. Most modern call centers and help desk facilities are designed to reduce background noise levels well below 65dB, and in most offices and homes, the background noise is significantly lower.

How many hours a day will you wear your headset?
If you intend to wear a headset all day, you should insist on the most comfortable headset possible; and that means the most balanced fit, the softest ear pads, and the lightest weight - over a long day, your neck will feel every extra ounce!

Will you keep your mouthpiece properly adjusted?
If your headset comes off and goes back on many times a day, how often will you adjust the position of the mouthpiece? In an "ideal world" - where our microphones are adjusted properly - both voice tubes and noise-canceling microphones deliver identical transmit volume. But in the real world, where microphones are often mispositioned, voice tube microphones work better. The transmit volume for noise-canceling microphones drops as much as 10dB at a 45% misallignment.

Will you be sharing headsets?
Although it is ideal for each person to have their own headset, often in large call centers, headsets must be shared. For hygenic reasons, most people prefer to keep their own ear pads. With voice tube models, they can also keep their own microphones - which are now available in all sorts of colors! With noise-canceling microphones, if you have to share - you will share - evey cough and every sneeze.

Some other things to consider...
If you wear glasses, it is recommended that you use an over-the-head style headset. Some people have reported discomfort with over-the-ear style headsets when wearing glasses.

Headsets Comparison Chart

Noise Levels Voice TubeNoise Canceling Recommended Headsets
Very noisy call center (over 80dB) Not RecommendedBestPlantronics H61N Plantronics H81N Plantronics H91N
Noisy call center (up to 80dB) Not RecommendedBest 
Typical Call Center (up to 65dB) BestGoodPlantronics CT10
Busy Office (up to 60dB) BestGoodPlantronics H41
Typical Office (up to 55dB) BestGoodPlantronics H61
Home Office (up to 55dB) BestGoodPlantronics H81

Headset Benefits

Benefits Voice Tube Noise Canceling
Transmit Performance (@lower dB) BestBest
Comfort (lighter is more comfortable) BestGood
Easier-to-Position Microphone BestGood
Durability BestGood
Maintenance BestGood


Best = Best
Good = Good
Not Recommended = Not Recommended