VODAVI HISTORY... Coming Full Circle - Vodavi is committed to serving the marketplace by fulfilling the business communication needs of small to medium sized organizations worldwide. By specializing in the design, manufacturing, distribution and support of telephone and voice processing systems, computer telephone integration (CTI) products and commercial single line telephones, Vodavi leads the industry in supplying growth-oriented businesses with superior service and quality products at competitive prices.

Founded in 1983, Vodavi began marketing products under its parent company, Vodavi Technology Corporation, which soon became a leading OEM manufacturer of key systems and single line phones to Siemens, Contel, Executone, Sprint Telecom Products, North Supply and GTE. The company went public in November of that year.

In 1986, Vodavi introduced their own electronic key system and single line telephone under the STARPLUS brand name through distributors and supply houses.

In 1988, Vodavi Technology Corporation was one of three corporations that combined to form Executone Information Systems, Inc., the second largest telecommunications product manufacturer in the United States. Vodavi Communications Systems operated as an independent division within Executone Information Systems, Inc.

In 1991, the STARPLUS product line was expanded, with the introduction of digital hybrid key systems and Caller ID for key systems.

In 1992, voice processing products were added.

In April, 1994, Vodavi was purchased from Executone by Vodavi Technology, Inc. (VTI) in conjunction with LG Electronics, Inc. (formerly Lucky GoldStar Telecommunications, Ltd., a $30 billion company). VTI is headed by President, Glenn Fitchet and Chairman, Steven Shemman, who also founded Vodavi Technology Corporation back in 1983.

In 1995, Vodavi expanded their STARPLUS CTI product line with the introduction of their PC Interface Digital Key Telephone and PC Phone for Windows software. By linking with the Caller ID technology Vodavi pioneered in 1991, Vodavi's STARPLUS digital systems can now provide a complete CTI solution for small businesses.

In July 1995, VTI purchased Arizona Repair Services, Inc., to streamline repair and service processes enabling higher quality repair at competitive prices with faster turn-around time.

In October 1995, Vodavi Technology, Inc., announced an initial public offering of common stock. Proceeds were used to acquire Enhanced Systems, Inc., based in Norcross, GA. Enhanced Systems, Inc., designs, develops, markets and supports a line of voice processing software products. Vodavi also introduced the STARPLUS DHS (Digital Hybrid System).

In 1996, Vodavi rounded out the STARPLUS product line with call processing product solutions including PC/ACD and Callsort Pro for Windows.

Vodavi is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of telephone systems, with more than 200,000 business communications systems and 8 million residential and business phones sold worldwide.

VODAVI MISSION... It Began With A Vision

The vision for Vodavi began in 1983, with the name - an acronym for Voice, Data and Video. Little did they know at time that their name would come to signify the standard for the multimedia communications industry today.

With a commitment to that vision, superior engineering and design capabilities, a strategic product development program, the finest automated manufacturing facilities and solid financial strength, Vodavi now has the means to achieve all that this name implies.

Vodavi's mission is to become a leading worldwide provider of productivity solutions for growth-oriented companies, that integrate voice and data technologies.

MARKET OPPORTUNITY... Well Poised For Success

According to a 1995 market share report prepared by Dataquest, an industry market research firm, Vodavi has solidified its position as one of the top ten suppliers in the key and hybrid key telephone systems market in the United States with approximately 4% market share. The company's strength is in the small business (924 station) product category where it enjoys nearly 11% market share. The key and hybrid key system market represents over 5.2 million lines installed per year.

Vodavi focuses on providing business communications systems from small to medium sized companies - the largest and fastest-growing sector of business. The under-100 desktop market comprises approximately 85% of business in the United States.

Product solutions are fully featured and competitively priced, representing an excellent value for the investment an organization can make in their telecommunications system.

Vodavi's key systems are designed to allow optimum flexibility for system configuration and growth and provide features nominally found on larger PBX systems.

With features like Incoming Caller ID, Directory Dialing, Integrated Voice Mail, Text Messaging, ANI, DNIS, Attendant Control, Least Cost Routing, Hands-free Intercom Units, Automatic Call Distribution, DID Lines, T-1, Tie Lines and more, a small company can have all these productivity building tools at competitive prices. When a system needs to be upgraded to a larger one, all the phones stay in place, maximizing the investment and minimizing disruption to users.

As the market for small-business communications products continues to proliferate, with the expansion of computer telephone integration (CTI), voice processing applications and wireless technology, Vodavi is well poised to capture a leadership position within the industry.

PRODUCT LEADERSHIP... Driven By The Market

The STARPLUS product line supports a wide range of key system, single line telephone, computer telephone integration and voice processing applications:

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