Leviton Decora Home Control House Sitter

Enhance home security when you're away with preset ON/OFF switching of inside and outdoor lights.Security experts agree that making a house look occupied is the single most effective way to deter break-ins and vandalism. Leviton's House Sitter makes your home smart enough to turn its inside and outside lights ON and OFF at pre-selected times, making it look like someone is always home. House Sitter lets you leave home with greater confidence. In fact, you'll never have to worry about whether or not you left the lights ON again. House Sitter will always turn them ON for you.

Leviton's easy-to-use Basic Wall-Mount Programmer lets you set times to switch ON/OFF or DIM/BRIGHT lights or choose a security mode that randomly selects ON and OFF times to make an empty home appear occupied. It also includes an ALL LIGHTS ON panic button for emergency situations. A second more powerful Toscana Deluxe Programmer lets you set times to switch ON/OFF/DIM/BRIGHT events, including ON/OFF switching of deluxe lighting scenes, as well as automated ON/OFF switching at dusk/dawn based on an astronomical clock.

House Sitter In Brief:

Selected outside and inside lighting locations are equipped with addressable DHC Switch, Receptacle or Plug-In Lam Receiver Modules. A programmer transmits unique coded commands over your home's existing AC wiring, telling DHC Receiver Modules to initiate recurring timed events, turning lights ON/OFF/DIM/BRIGHT/SCENE or appliances ON/OFF. All components are designed for use with the complete line of Home Controls products – allowing you to expand the system at any time.

  • Enhances home security when away with scheduled ON/OFF switching of indoor and outside lights
  • Program up to 8 timed events (Basic Programmer); up to 64 timed events (Toscana Programmer)
  • Program lighting based on time of day, at dusk/dawn switching using a built-in astronomical clock (Toscana Deluxe Programmer only) or with a SECURITY mode that randomizes ON and OFF times for a more "lived-in" look than timer-controlled lighting (Basic Wall Mount Programmer only)
  • ALL LIGHTS ON mode for emergencies (Basic Programmer only)
  • Memory backup protects your programming during power failure


DHC Toscana™ Deluxe ProgrammerHCCPG-1TW
600W Scene-Capable Dimming Receiver Wall SwitchHXM06-1TW
300W Incandescent Dimming Plug-in Lamp Receiver ModuleHCP03-10W
10Amp/1200W ON/OFF 3-Way Capable Wall Switch ReceiverHCS10-1SW
Multi-Remote Dimming Switch for 3 & 4-Way ControlMS00R-10
15A/120V Split Duplex Receptacle6227
15A/120V Duplex Receptacle6280
Amplifier/Repeater Module*HCA02-10E

* Recommended in all DHC installations to ensure system reliability