Featuring the unique capabilities of Hubbell's SystemOne universal cover and sub-plate design, Hubbell has expanded its floor box offering to provide industry leading flexibility while accommodating an extensive range of applications. Hubbell SystemOne is constructed to give customers the ability to create personal solutions for their most demanding, power, data and audio/video requirements. In addition, Hubbell continues to offer a complete variety of traditional flush and recessed floor box options.

Whatever your requirement, Hubbell has a solution. Combined with Hubbell SystemOne fire-rated poke through products that offer the same unique advantages, Hubbell's entire delivery system package is second to none in providing a consistent aesthetic and functional solution for your power, data and audio/video needs.

Hubbell SystemOne is an innovative system that provides users with the flexibility to create custom solutions for the most demanding multi-service applications for both flush in-floor boxes and fire-rated poke-throughs. Hubbell SystemOne features a unique universal cover assembly and a wide variety of application sub-plates that install on both Hubbell flush floor boxes and firerated poke-throughs. Now, whatever the application, Hubbell SystemOne delivers a consistent, aesthetic and functional solution for applications “in-the-floor” or “through-the- floor” for power, voice, data, and audio/video requirements.

Configuration Chart

   Non-Metallic Floor BoxMetal Floor BoxMetal Floor BoxMetal Floor Box4” Core Hole Fire-Rated Poke-Through4” Core Hole Fire-Rated Poke-Through4” Core Hole Fire-Rated Poke-Through
S1SPStyle Line®/GFCIS1SP


S1SPDUSLDuplex/Style Line®*S1SPDUSL

S1SP4X4Hubbell 4 X 4S1SP4X4
S1SPTLTwist-Lock® Receptacle + DataS1SPTL
S1SP3IMHubbell DataCom + PowerS1SP3IM
S1SP4IMHubbell DataComS1SP4IM
S1SPDU2IMHubbell DataCom + DuplexS1SPDU2IM
S1SPSL2IMHubbell DataCom + Style Line®*S1SPSL2IM
S1SPFFTFurniture Feed Cover/ Flange (replace “x” with BRS (brass), AL (aluminum), BL (black) or GY (gray).S1SPFFT
S1SPEXT1Extron® MAAP + PowerS1SPEXT1
S1SPEXT2Extron® AAP + PowerS1SPEXT2
S1SPEXT3Extron DatacomS1SPEXT3
S1SPEXT4Extron AAP + Flush Keystone + PowerS1SPEXT4
S1SPORTOrtronics Series II® + PowerS1SPORT
S1SPTRACOrtronics TracJack® + PowerS1SPTRAC
S1CFCAll SystemOne Floor Boxes and FRPTs accept the System One Universal CoversS1CFC       
S1TFCAll SystemOne Floor Boxes and FRPTs accept the System One Universal CoversS1TFC       

Signifies minimum depth of concrete pour in inches for Hubbell SystemOne Floor Boxes.Recommended Floor FittingAlternative Floor FittingNot Compatible