door chime, aiphone, intercom, door intercom IE-2AD is a room master station for systems with 3 room stations and 2 door stations. AIPHONE's type IEH-1CD is used as room sub station for rooms 2 and 3. The system is very easy to install (only 4 wires from each entrance - 6 wires between room stations) and offers a variety of features, like door release control at both entrances with RY-3DL adapter, all call intercom between room stations, call transfer, different call tone for each entrance and adjustable call volume. It is compatible with all IE Door stations.


  • Slim, compact body design
  • Simultaneous communication
  • 4-stroke chime and LED for door station call-in
  • Transfer of door station call to another room
  • Door release buttons
  • Adjustable chime volume
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • 2 wires from each door to IE-8MD
  • 4 wires looped between room stations

Power source12~16V AC, 200mA. 12~24V DC, 200mA.
Power SupplyAC transformer 12~16V AC, 550mA (for both IE & EL-9S), PS-12A, PS-12B.
CommunicationDoor calls in w/4- or 2-tone chime to all stations, 45 sec. Chime can be cut out at sub. Pick up on any station to reply. Press CALL to call the rest stations with pretone & voice.
Door releaseContact rating: 24V AC/DC, 500mA
Wiring2 parallel wires, non-polarized to door.
6 wires in loop, rooms
DistanceIE-2A2D(U) to door :0.65mmų(150m), 1.0mmų(360m)
Between rooms 0.65mmų(75m), 1.0mmų(190m)

Communication Network & Wiring

door chime, aiphone, intercom, door intercom

System Components
  • 2-door release system
    • IE-2A2D(U): Master station, 2 door release buttons
    • IEH-1C2D: Sub station (2 pcs)
    • IF-DA: Door station (any IE/IF)
    • Power supply:
      • 12~24V DC power supply or
      • 12~16V AC transformer

  • 1-door release system
    • IE-2AD(U): Master station, 1 door release button
    • IEH-1CD: Sub station (2 pcs)
    door chime, aiphone, intercom, door intercom