The JA Series is designed to meet all your entry security needs. Hands-free communication, expanded capacity, seamless integration to CCTV systems, motion detector activation and built in selective door release are just a few of the standard features of this remarkable two-wire system. Adding an optional digital recorder style master ensures that all facets of a CCTV system can be covered in one convenient package.

2 PanTilt video door stations and 2 Motion-sensor cameras allow you to visually communicate with visitors and spot suspicious people from 3 rooms, and the camera images can be recorded.

PanTilt enables control over a wide field of vision.

The field of vision can be controlled in any direction to match the standing position of the visitor
The image of the PanTilt video door station can be adjusted to a more visible position from inside the building, using control located below the four inch color monitor.

The motion sensor camera detects intruders, alerts the inside through a video image and alarm.

    Alerts interior stations with video and alarm activation
    • When an intruder is detected, the inside of the building is alerted through a video image and alarm.
    • The motion-sensor camera activates 1 minute after the SET button is pressed.

    Recording capability
    • When motion sensor is activated, interior stations turns on, and alarm sounds and an image is saved. (Will not record people who pass through)

Recording images from door and camera stations using the JA-2MECD

Record 4 screens in 4-second intervals
Be sure to get an image even if the visitor moves.

4 types of recording mode

  1. 16 screens (4 screens in succession)
  2. 16 screens (full screen recording)
  3. 32 screens (full screen recording)
  4. 60 screens (full screen recording)

Enlarge the best shot
Enlarge and play the shot with the most recognizable face.

Save up to 8 scenes
Up to 8 of the recorded scenes can be saved on the station.

Record while talking
Manual recording is possible even while talking with the door station.

Function for monitoring and recording suspicious behavior

  • if you think there is something suspicious outside, press the MONITOR button on any inside unit to see and hear what's going on.
  • Press the REC button to manually activate the image recording.

Room-to-Room Communication
Ail-Call to all room stations simultaneously from any of the connected room stations. Reply to an all call by simply pressing the ''TALK" button. Door calls may be transferred to any station in the system.

Nighttime visitors can also be viewed in color
Color video is operational during low light conditions when white illuminator LEDs built into the video door station automatically activate.
(Brightness of subject 5 lux or more, approx. 30cm in front of the camera)

Electric door release
Two door release contacts for selective control.

External talk switch Connection
An optional foot switch or any other dry closure contact device can operate the "TALK" switch. When it is difficult to press the TALK button on the monitor for whatever reason, you can communicate by stepping on a foot switch. Any normally open switch can be used to activate the TALK button.

Specifications (JA-2MECD, JA-2MCD)

Power sourceDC 24V (Use PS-2420UL)
Current ConsumptionJA-2MECD: max.750mA. JA-2MCD: 680mA. JA-2HCD: 290mA. JA-2SD: 120mA.
CallingChime. Image & voice,approx.30sec.
CommunicationAUTO; Press TALK momentarily, then talk/listen is auto voice-actuated.
MANUAL; Press TALK 1sec. or more. Then, press to talk, release to listen.
Video Monitor4" TFT color LCD
Scanning Line525 lines
Door ReleaseAC 12V, 350mA (dry closure contact L,L)
Wiring2-wire parallel, door to master
4-wire parallel, station to station (nontwisted nor shielded). Vinyl-jacket, PE insulation
Wiring Distance JA Master - Door 330 (18 AWG)
JA Master - JA sub 330 (18 AWG)
JA Master - Power 30 (18 AWG)
JA Master - JAW-AZ 330 (18 AWG)

System Components

ImageModel No.Name
JAS-2MECDPantilt Color Video Hands-Free Master with Built-In Memory Unit with Surface Mount Door Station and 24V DC, 2A Power Supply
JAS-2MCDPantilt Color Video Hands-Free Master Monitor with Surface Mount Door Station
JA-2MCDPantilt Color Video Hands-Free Master Monitor
JA-2MECDPantilt Color Video Hands-Free Master with Built-In Memory Unit
JA-2HCDPantilt Color Video Hands-Free Sub Master for JA
JA-2SDJB Series Audio Only Sub Station
JA-DACSurface Mount Door Station
JA-DGCPanTilt Video Door Station
JA-DGVVandal Resistant Color Pan Tilt Video Door Station
JDW-CCCTV Motion Sensor Camera with Microphone
JAW-AZCCTV Camera Modulator for JA System
JA-DAudio Only Door Station for JA/JB
KAW-DDoor Station 30 Degree Angle Mounting Box
KMB-45Door Station 45 Degree Angle Mullion Mounting Bracket
SBX-ACEStainless Steel Device Enclosure
SBX-DGVSurface Mount Box for MK-DGV
MKW-DK/AVideo Door Station Motion Detector Interface Adapter
JBW-BALong Distance Adapter
IER-2Call Extension Speaker
PS-2420UL24V DC, 2A Power Supply
RY-24LForm C Door Release Relay, 24V DC Input
EL-12SElectric Door Strike
MCW-S/ADesk Mount Stand