JDSU offers instruments, systems, software, services, and integrated solutions that help communications services providers, equipment manufacturers, and major communications users maintain their competitive advantage at each stage of the network lifecycle across the full range of applications.

Copper Test Tools

TIA/ISO Level IV Cat-6A Cable Certification   XXX
Tier 1 MM Fiber Certification    X 
Tier 1 MM/SM Fiber Certification     X
Report generation XXXXX
Wiremap XXXXXX
Measure length XXXXXX
Distance to opens XXXXXX
Distance to shorts  XXXXX
Speed test copper cables to 1000Base-T  XX   
Optical power meter   X XX

Fiber Inspection Tools

 FBE Basic Kit with 1.8 DisplayFBE Basic Kit with 3.5 DisplayFBP Basic Kit with 1.8 DisplayFBP Basic Kit with 3.5 DisplayFBP Optimized Kit with 1.8 DisplayFBP Optimized Kit with 3.5 DisplayFBP Integrated Inspection & Test Kit with 1.8 DisplayFBP Integrated Inspection & Test Kit with 3.5 DisplayFBP Digital Analysis Kit with FiberChek2 softwareFBP Digital Analysis & Test Kit with FiberChek2 software
Probe microscope and display for fiber end face inspection with 4 inspection tips/adaptersXXXXXXXX  
Includes dedicated patch cord inspection microscope    XXXX  
Display size (in inches)
Probe microscope with USB 2.0 connection and 4 inspection tips        XX
Connects to PC        XX
Measures optical power      XX X

Active Network Testers

 LanScaperPROValidatorPRO-NT-CuValidatorPRO-NTSmartClass EthernetESAM Kit
  NT800/NT850 NT1055 NT1155 CRC-ETHTR-P3 TB4-DIS-xxx/MTS-DIS-xxx
Copper WiremapXXXXX
Trace using passive IDsXXX X
Measures lengthXXX X
Toning (sends tone)XXX X
Distance to opensXXX X
Distance to shorts XX X
Speed test copper cables to 1000Base-T XX X
Measure PoEXXX X
Hub flashXXX X
Interface (port) discoveryXXX X
Layer 2 discoveryXXX X
Traceroute    X
Layer 4 connectivity    X
Network element discovery    X
Utilization statistics    X
Show protocol distribution    X
Identify top talkers    X
Capture frames with Wireshark and Expert Analysis    X
Line Rate Throughput Testing    O
RFC 2544   X 
Probe Microscope for Fiber Endface Inspection    O
Report generation XX X
Measures optical power  X O
Visual FaultLocator (VFL)    O

Fiber Field Test Solutions (Power Meters, Light Sources, and OTDRS)

 LAN Power Meter OLP-34LED Source OLS-34Quad MM LED/ SM Laser Source OLS-36Enterprise Basic Test Kit OMK-34Enterprise Plus Test Kit OMK-34PEnterprise Quad MM/SM Basic Test Kit OMK-36Enterprise Quad MM/SM Plus Test Kit OMK-36PQuad MM/SM OTDR KitMM OTDR KitUSB Optical Power Meter with softwarePocket Size Visual Fault Locator
 2302/xx2303/0x 2303/2x 2127/xx 2127/xx 2127/xx 2127/xx TB4/MTS-DIS-QUAD-xxx B4/MTS-DIS-MM-S MP-60A FFL-050
Multimode (50 μm) XXXXXXXXXX 
Single-mode   X  XXX X 
Universal push/pull adapter X  XXXXXXX 
Fixed output adapters  XX  X     
Field interchangeable adapters  OO X XXX  
Data results storage O   X XXX  
Data download O   X XXX  
Battery operation XXXXXXXXX  
AC operation OXX X XXX  
Probe Microscope for Fiber Endface Inspection        OO  
Touch screen        X   
Auto-wavelength switching XXXXXXXXXX 
Visual Fault Locator (VFL)        OO X