Reliable Security, Simple Functionality, Sophisticated Design

Affordable Color Video System
The JF Series has a color monitor to view images clearly and with greater detail, at black and white video prices.

Clear Identification Day & Night
In low light conditions, the video door stationís built-in white LED illuminators will activate. Identify visitors even at night.

Both Hands-free & Push-to-Talk
When a call comes in, press the TALK button to begin hands-free VOX (voice operated exchange) communication.

LED Indicates Who is Speaking
The LED lights turn on when talking to visitors and turn off when listening, making communication easy.

Option Button
Controls an external device, such as an outdoor entrance light or secondary door


    Controlled entrances, interior offices, retail stores, parking garages, loading docks, and employee only areas.

    Primary and secondary schools, college campuses, controlled entrances, service areas, and faculty rooms.

    Local, state, and federal government branches, courtroom security, airports, and embassies.

    Hospitals, medical clinics, administrative offices, exam rooms, nurseries, pharmacies, and staff lounges.

    Single-family residences, gated entries, housing developments, and multi-tenant buildings with individual entrances.

Features & Functions

  • Voice Memo
    Easily record and play back a short message for someone or a reminder for yourself using the Voice Memo feature. Up to 3 voice memos at 15 seconds each can be recorded.
  • Picture Memory
    Automatically record images of visitors who press the CALL button or manually record images anytime by pressing the REC button.
  • Easy Installation
    Only 2 wires to connect between door station and master station.
  • All Call
    Send a call out to all inside stations with 1-button answer back.
  • Auto LED illumination
    When environmental conditions are dim, these LEDs automatically turn on so visitors can still be seen, even in the dark.
  • Custom Entrance Messages
    Remain anonymous. Pre-record up to 2 audio messages to be manually played at a door station when anyone inside chooses not to be identified.
  • Monitor Activities Outside
    Discreetly keep an eye out for suspicious behavior through the door station lens.
  • Hands-free Communication
    Simply push the button for VOX communication or hold down for Push-to-Talk.

System Components

ImageModel No.Name
JFS-2AEDJF ABS Plastic Boxed Sets, Surface Mount
(Package Content: JF-2MED, JF-DA, PS-1820UL)
JFS-2AEDFJF Boxed Sets, Flush Mount, Vandal Resistant
(Package Content: JF-2MED, JF-DVF, PS-1820UL)
JF-2HDJF Series Sub Monitor
JF-DAColor Video Door Station
JF-DVFFixed Video Door Station, Flush Mount
JF-DVF-HID-IFixed Video Door Station, Flush Mount, iCLASS Smart Card Reader
AC-10SAccess Control Keypad
JBW-BALong Distance Adapter
KMB-45Door Station 45 Degree Angle Mullion Mounting Bracket
SBX-DVF18 Gauge Stainless Steel Enclosure
IER-2Call Extension Speaker
RY-3DLDoor Release Adapter
EL-12SElectric Door Strike
JBW-MCCTV Camera Modulator
RY-ESExternal Signal Relay

ImageModel No.Name
JFS-2AEDVJF Boxed Sets, Surface Mount, Vandal Resistant
(Package Content: JF-2MED, JFS-2AEDV, PS-1820UL)
JF-2MEDEnhanced Hands-Free Color Video Master Monitor System
JF-2SDJF Series Audio Only Sub-Station
JF-DVFixed Video Door Station, Surface Mount
JF-DVF-HIDFixed Video Door Station, Flush Mount, ProxPoint Plus Proximity Card Reader
JF-DABS Surface Mount Plastic Door Station
AC-10FAccess Control Flush Mount Keypad
KAW-DDoor Station 30 Degree Angle Mounting Box
SBX-ACEStainless Steel Device Enclosure
SBX-DV3018 Gauge Stainless Steel 30 Degree Angle Mount Box
RY-18LForm C Door Release Relay, 12-18V DC Input
PS-1820UL18V DC Power Supply
MKW-DK/AVideo Door Station Motion Detector Interface Adapter
SBX-LSE18 Gauge Stainless Steel Lockable Enclosure Box