Change the Field of Vision for Added Security.

The advanced camera and monitor of the JK series expand your field of vision. Enjoy a wide angle view with clear image quality.

Panoramic Wide Angle View

To provide effective security, JK series features a wide angle camera that enables you to see the innovative panoramic view! People standing on sides and people with short/tall heights can be easily identified.

With the wide angle view, the JK series catches a person in a wheelchair, even someone who tries to hide from the camera, etc.

Aiphone’s newly developed fish-eye lens adjusts to encompass a broad view!
The image through a normal fish-eyes lens camera can be wide, but it tends to have distortion problems. To improve the quality of the image, Aiphone has developed the technology to adjust the distortion!


To see the detail, switch the picture mode to Zoom mode. Switching between Wide and Zoom mode can be easily done by pressing a button.

    Use the PAN/TILT button to change the camera angle in Zoom mode.

    Preset the best camera angle!
    You may find the default camera angle for receiving visitor images is not the best for your entrance condition. If so, you can adjust and reset the camera angle.

Backlight & Night Sensitivity Adjustment

With the JK series, you do not have to worry about strong sunlight or darkness of night. Pressing the ADJUST button can make the view clearer.

    Shutter speed control function
    The JK series automatically controls the shutter speed to provide the best image in any light condition. In low light situations, the shutter speed slows to provide more light.

Recording & Playing

With JK-1MED, you can record pictures of visitors both manually and automatically.

Works anytime, even during your absence. The recording starts when the CALL button on the Door Station is pressed. You can change the initial setting to all zoom or wide.

Records 6 shots per picture (3 shots at the Zoom mode, and 3 at Wide with the initial setting). Up to 40 pictures can be recorded, and 10 can be protected from automatic overwriting.

    Manual Recording
    Record picture as you need. The recording starts when you press the REC button while monitoring or talking to a visitor.

    The play LED flashes when there are auto-recorded pictures. Press the PLAY button to play.

Quick & Easy set up

Setting up is easy for anyone. Just follow the menu displayed on the monitor.

Select from five different display languages
Choose from English, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Italian.

Entrance Monitoring

Monitor the area around the Door Station in both Wide and Zoom modes. To ensure privacy, inside sound is not transmitted to the Door Station.

Advanced Night Security

  • Clear identification even at night
    When a call is received at night, the LED on the Door Station lights up automatically to send clear color image to the monitor.
  • Monitoring & Speaking to the entrance
    For monitoring, the LED does not light up, so you can monitor without being noticed by the people around the entrance. Pressing the TALK button lights up the LED and allows you speak to the entrance area.

Other Features

  • Hands-free & Press-to-talk communication
    When a call comes in, press the TALK button to begin a hands-free conversation. In a noisy environment, the press-to-talk mode provides a clear conversation.
  • Room-to-room communication
    By adding the optional Sub Master Station or Audio Sub Master Station, you can talk between 2 Master Stations.
  • External sensor input is available
    Notify the activation of external sensor with alarm, LED, and display.
    *The warning screen is only displayed on the JK-1MED.
  • LED light indicates who is speaking
    LED light turns on when you talk and turns off as you listen.
  • Easy operation
    With the icons for the buttons and display, you intuitively know how to operate.
  • Option button
    Controls an external device, such as an outdoor entrance light, when using an optional connector.
  • Video signal can be output from the Master Station.
    To DVR, video recorder, etc.


Power source18V DC
Power supplyPS-1820S, PS-1820UL, PS-1820, PS-1810DIN
ConsumptionMax. 400mA ( JK-1MED, JK-1MD). Max. 200mA ( JK-1HD).
Max. 120mA ( JK-1SD)
Max. 95mA ( JKW-BA)
CallingChime. Image & audio, approx. 45 sec.
Communication Approx. 1 min.
AUTOMATIC (Hands-free); To activate, momentarily press TALK button.
MANUAL (Press-to-talk/Release-to-listen); To activate, press TALK button for 1 sec. or more.
Video monitor 3.5 inch direct-view TFT color LCD.
Scanning line 525 lines
Video output NTSC, 1Vp-p/75
Night viewing Up to 50cm from camera (5 Lux), with white LED projected, background beyond 50cm cannot be seen.
Door release 24V AC/DC, 500mA (N/O dry closure contact)
Option output 24V AC/DC, 1.6A (N/O dry closure contact)
Wiring Door to master: 2-cond., PVC jacket with PE (polyethylene) insulated conductor.
Master to sub: 4-cond., PVC jacket with PE (polyethylene) insulated conductor.
Wiring distanceMaster/sub to door: 50m (Ø0.65mm) 100m (Ø1.0mm)
Master to IER-2: 75m (Ø0.65mm) 150m (Ø1.0mm)

System Components

ImageModel No.Name
JKS-1ADColor Video Access Boxed Set with Surface Mount Plastic Door Station
JKS-1ADVColor Video Access Boxed Set with Surface Mount Vandal Resistant Door Station
JKS-1ADFColor Video Access Boxed Set with Flush Mount Vandal Resistant Door Station
JKS-1AEDColor Video Access Boxed Set with Picture Memory and Surface Mount Plastic Door Station
JKS-1AEDVColor Video Access Boxed Set with Picture Memory and Surface Mount Vandal Resistant Door Station
JKS-1AEDFColor Video Access Boxed Set with Picture Memory and Flush Mount Vandal Resistant Door Station
JK-1MEDColor Video Access Master Monitor with Picture Memory
JK-1MDColor Video Access Master Monitor
JK-1HDColor Video Sub Master Station
JK-1SDAudio Only Sub Master Station
JK-DASurface Mount Color Video Door Station
JK-DVSurface Mount Vandal Resistant Color Video Door Station
JK-DVFFlush Mount Vandal Resistant Color Video Door Station
JKW-BALong Distance Video Adapter
KAW-DDoor Station 30 Degree Angle Mounting Box
KMB-45Door Station 45 Degree Angle Mullion Mounting Bracket
MCW-SADesk Mount Stand
SBX-ACEStainless Steel Device Enclosure
SBX-DVF18 Gauge Stainless Steel Enclosure
SBX-LSE18 Gauge Stainless Steel Lockable Enclosure Box
SBX-DV3018 Gauge Stainless Steel 30 Degree Angle Mount Box
AC10SAccess Control Keypad
AC10FAccess Control Flush Mount Keypad
EL-12SElectric Door Strike
IER-2Call Extension Speaker
RY-18LForm C Door Release Relay, 12-18V DC Input