video entry system, video door entry, video station, aiphone The KC 1 x 3 Color Video Sentry series is a video entry system with capacity for one video door station and up to three inside monitor/handset stations. It allows access control of 1 entrance from up to 3 different stations (rooms), which includes a camera unit (KC-DAR), master monitor (KC-1GRD), sub monitor (KC-1GRD) and audio-only sub station (KC-1SD).

The video room stations are equipped with a 4" flat color monitor, connected to a video door station located at an entry area. The video door station contains a CCD chip camera with illumination LEDs for low light applications, giving you extremely clear and bright images are shown on the inside video screen. The camera angle is adjustable up and down from the inside monitor, allowing the viewer inside to adjust the camera’s angle to their needs. An incoming call from the door station sounds a 4 stroke chime. The monitor(s) come on displaying the image of the caller. The person at the inside station picks up to answer, and the visitor speaks hands free. The entry area can be monitored by pressing the "monitor" button on any room station. This allows both audio and video monitoring, staying on for approximately 30 seconds. And with the optional door strike and relay, you can also unlock the front door from the inside master station. To place an all call between all the inside stations, just simply pick up the handset on the monitor, press the All Call button and make the announcement. There is also an optional stainless steel housing for the door station as well as a Picture Memory Unit available for the system.

The KC series features some of the best characteristics in the market with an easy to install system, and installation requires only 2 wires (+ 2 for power supply) and no coaxial cable.


  • One video door station
  • Up to three inside stations (KC-1GRD main room station and up to two KC-1HRD sub room stations)
  • Clear, crisp color image with 4" TFT display
  • Tilt control for camera adjustment
  • All Call and 2-way internal communication via handset
  • Hands free Audio and Video monitoring when door calls or when Monitor button is pressed
  • Video images from the door can be recorded using the KC-32EU
  • Illuminating LED's for low light viewing
  • Door release

Power Source24V DC, supplied by PS-2420UL.
KC-1GRD: 650mA. 70mA standby.
KC-1HRD: 500mA. 50mA standby.
KC-1SD: 70mA. 50mA standby.
Video Monitor4" TFT color LCD
Call-in from Door4-stroke chime
Internal CallingPretone then voice when calling inside station(s)
Night ViewingBuilt-in light is projected up to 12" from camera. Outside area beyond 12" cannot be seen.
Door ReleaseContact rating: 12V AC, 400mA.
Wiring2 conductor, 18AWG, non-shielded (Use Aiphone #841802.)
2 wires between rooms, looped, plus a separately jacketed 2 wires from power supply to each monitor, homerun. (Use Aiphone #841802 cable for video signal, plus one for each monitor in the system.)
DistanceKC-1GRD to door: 165' with 22AWG wire, 330' with 18AWG.
Between rooms: 165' with 22AWG wire, 330' with 18AWG (wired with separate pairs from power to each monitor). Otherwise, max. distance is 165' with 18AWG wire.

Wiring Diagram
video entry system, video door entry, video station, aiphone
System Components
  • KC-DAR: Video door station
  • KC-1GRD: Master station
  • KC-1HRD: Sub master station (2 pcs)
  • KC-1SD: Audio sub station (1 or 2 pcs)
  • 24V DC power supply: PS-24E
  • Connecting Power Supply

  • For maximum distance of 100m between monitors, run a separate 2 conductor wire from the power supply to each monitor, or install a power supply at each monitor location.
  • When KC-1SD is included, extend 2-pair wire from monitor station.