Choosing a power supply

It is necessary to select the proper power supply for the system in accordance with the type and number of extensions that are connected to the system. There are 3 power supply options; S = Small, M = Medium and L = Large. To calculate the size of the power supply required for your application, you must determine the type of telephone extensions you plan to use. Then using the telephone equipment power factor "B" portion of the chart below, calculate the point value for each and add up all the points. Using the Power Supply Maximum Power Factor "A" portion of the chart below, match up the points calculated with the correct power supply. The power supply value must be greater than the total points calculated for the telephone equipment. (When in doubt use the larger power supply.)

A- Power Supply Maximum Power Factors
Power Supply ModelKX-TDA0108 (S Type)KX-TDA0104 (M Type)KX-TDA0104 (M Type)KX-TDA0103 (L Type)
Maximum Power Factor64128128512

B - Telephone Equipment Power Factor
Telephone EquipmentPoint Value For Each
T7600 Digital Series (KX-TDA Digital System Phones)1
KX-T7400 & KX-T7200 Digital Series (KX-TD Digital System Phones)4
KX-T7000, KX-T7300, KX-T7700 Series and DSS Consoles (KX-T & KX-TA Hybrid System Phones)4
SLC8 (SLT* Cards)8
SLC16 (SLT* Cards)16
MSLC16 (SLT* Cards)16
DHLC8 (SLT* Cards)8
Cell Station (KX-TDA0142, KX-T0141)4
KX-TVS Voice Mail Port Connection (2 ch)1

* SLT Cards (Single Line Telephones)- Calculation must be based on the number of cards, not the number of telephones.