Blackbox two-way radios are Mil-Spec professional VHF & UHV radios. With their all-metal chassis and military-ready specs, these radios are built to last. They are a great choice for businesses who find themselves frequently replacing radios, or for those jobs where a tough radio is a requirement. Popular applications are construction, hotels, schools, casinos, special events, warehouses, churches and athletics. With 4 watts of power the VHF offers 16 VHF frequencies (150-174 mhz) and the UHF offers 16 UHF frequencies (450-470 mhz) while both include Private Line and Digital Private codes programmed into each channel to eliminate interference.

The Blackbox has all the features you are looking for in a two-way radio. SSince Blackbox radios are dealer programmable, you can be sure they will be compatible with your current radio fleet or currently owned frequencies. The Blackbox radio is also compatible with the same accessories used with the Motorola CP150, CP200, PR400 and XU1000.


  • Military Specifications
  • 4 watts, uhf/vhf
  • 16 channels (15+CH), Busy Channel Lockout
  • All-Metal Chassis Palm Size, Compact Design
  • 38 CTCSS, 83 CDCS33
    • This enables users to have frequencies that others are using, without hearing them. Similar to a garage door opener, this sub-audible tone prohibites anyone else "opening" your radio without this code.
  • 6V/1100m Ah Ni-MH Battery, Battery Save, Low Battery Alert
    • Battery save function can be turned on/off by the dealer. This function minimizes the amount of power used when no signal is being performed )no key is being pressed, and no switch is being turned).
  • Time-out Timer (TOT)
    • If the transmission exceeds present time, transmission will be stopped. This feature is used to prevent one from using the same channel for a long time.
  • Priority Scan
    • Channel scanning provides users with an easy way to monitor multiple channels for activity. The radio will scan the priority channel periodically while receiving a call on non-priority channel.

Frequency RangeVHF: 150-174 MHz
Channel Capacity16 ch
Operation Voltage6V DC
Channel Spacing25/ 12.5 KHz
Modulation ModeF3E
Antenna Impedance50 ohms
Dimension108 (L) x 54.2 (W) x 37.4 (H) mm
Weight273 (with Battery & Antenna)
Battery6V/1100mAh Ni-MH Battery
Output Power4W
Frequency Stability+/-5ppm
Modulation Limiting+/-5KHz
Modulation Distortion< 5%
Residual Frequency Modulation-40dB
Adjacent Channel Power65dB
Spurious Emission<7.5uW
Reference Sensitivity0.25uV
AF Output Pwoer>0.5W
Audio Distortion<5%
Co-channel Rejection8dB
Adjacent Channel Selectivity60dB
Intermodulation Rejection60dB
Spurious Response Rejection60dB