semi flush, intercom system, residential intercom system, aiphone Aiphone's LEF-C Series Residential Intercom System is a voice intercom system ideal for new construction. The LEF series intercom offers selective, private calling from master stations to other master stations and sub stations. The intercom stations are designed to be semi-flush mounted, meaning they mount in the wall and stick out from the wall a small amount, approx 3/4 of an inch (The master stations need no additional hardware for mounting). There are several master and sub stations to choose from and they are completely intermixable to create a system to meet your exact needs. The room monitoring feature can be used to listen-in on a baby's room or to monitor the status of family member who's under the weather. All but one of the master stations can perform an all-call. The push of one button will call all the master and sub stations in the system - ideal for the kitchen intercom. All of the master stations have voice and background music volume controls and several of the sub stations have background music volume controls.

The primary feature of the master stations is the ability to individually call any intercom station in the system. The master stations are available with 1, 3, 5, or 10 call buttons - used to call other intercom stations. Up to 11 total stations (masters, sub, and door) can make up an intercom system - for the most flexibility use 11 10-call master stations. An 11th station can be used since intercom stations do not need to call themselves. All of the master stations except the LEF-3C can simultaneously call all of the intercom stations in a system with the push of the "All Call" button, additional equipment is required for the "All Call" feature, see below. Monitoring of other master stations and sub stations can be done from each master station, each station also has a privacy button to disable the ability of others from monitoring that location. Sub stations can be used in areas where initiating intercom conversation is infrequent, like the laundry room for example. Sub stations can not call other sub stations and sub stations can not be used to communicate with door stations. A sub stations can only call the master station it is directly wired to. Each of the sub station have a 1-call button to contact 1 master station. They can, however, receive communication from any master station in the system.

There are four sub stations to choose from:

  • LE-B Sub station : no privacy
  • LE-BN Sub station : privacy button
  • LE-C Sub station : no privacy, volume control
  • LE-CN Sub station : privacy button, volume control

The privacy button disables the monitoring or listening-in at that sub station. The privacy feature does not disable the ability to receive a call, just other's ability to listen-in at that station. When calling a station that has the privacy feature activated the caller must press the talk button to initiate conversation. Sub stations with the privacy feature are normally used in guest rooms and other locations where private conversations may take place.

Door Stations can be added to several entrances if desired. Each door station will occupy one of the available stations on the intercom system. Door stations can only be accessed by the master stations in the system. The doorbell button can either be wired to a standard door chime available at a local hardware store or the button can be wired to intercom system. Additional equipment is required for a chime to be generated at each master station. The LE-D and the LE-DA are both designed for outdoor use. When adding a door intercom station to the system you have two options. The first is to connect the doorbell button to a standard door chime (ding dong) that you see in most homes. The door chimes are readily available at your local hardware store. The second option is to wire the doorbell button to the intercom system and have the master stations ring when the button is pressed. To do this you need to add the BG-10C door chime adapter. The wires from the doorbell button attach to the BG-10C which attaches to the closest master station. Four additional common wires are needed to connect to each master station to support the door chime and All Call features.

The LEF-C Master Sentry offers the ease of hands-free reply from the responding master or sub stations and is the ideal communication system for residential and commercial applications.


  • Selective calling intercom system, providing door answering and internal communication, All Call, and Music throughout the system
  • 3, 5, and 10-call master stations, and a variety of sub and door stations
  • Semi-flush mount style with door answering, room monitoring, privacy and selective door release (with RY-PA relays)
  • All Call every station in the system and listen to music (with additional equipment)
  • Video door stations and monitors can be integrated

Power Source12V DC, 300mA per station.
*Use PS-1225UL power supply.
Communication Subs call in with call tone and LED, 20 sec.
Depress station button with lit LED. Press to talk, hands free reply.
No LED annunciation between masters.
Hands free reply from responding master.
*800mW receive at 20ohms. 500mW transmit at 20ohms.
Door Release Button Contact 30V DC, 0.1A (resistance load).
Selector Switch Contact 12V DC, 300mA.
Wiring Use shielded multi-conductor wire, not twisted pairs.
2 conductors per sub, homerun (single master system), or 3 conductors per sub (multiple master system). (Use Aiphone #822202 or #822203.)
LEF-3C requires 12 conductors between masters (Use Aiphone #822210 or #822212.)
LEF-5C requires 15 conductors between masters (plus up to 5 for video/door release controls). (Use Aiphone #822215 or #822220.)
LEF-10C requires 20 conductors between masters (plus up to 10 for video/door release controls). (Use Aiphone #822220.)
Distance 650' with 22AWG
1600' with 18AWG.

LEF-C Master Sentry System Instructions

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