video intercom, video system, video door entry, aiphone LEF System with the MY Video Cameras is a selective call and video intercom that can be composed in any configuration. By adding the MY PanTilt Video System, the LEF series integrates any combination of master and sub stations with video door entry features. The MYM-P1L provides a single PanTilt door and two or more video monitors and the MYW-P3L provides up to 3 PanTilt door and 2 monitors. Additional monitors can be added, along with PS-18C or PS18E power supply. You can also add a door release to the audio and video monitoring of door area to let visitors in.


  • One to three PanTilt video doors with standard adapters
  • Up to 10 video door stations with MYW-P10L (SOP)
  • Audio and video monitoring of door area with door release control
  • PanTilt control of camera from monitor
  • Additional monitors (with PS-1820UL power supply, 1 per 2 monitors)
  • Video doors up to 980' with MYW-BA adapter and specified cable

Power Source18V DC, 500mA. 100mA (standby). *Use PS-1820UL power supply.
CommunicationTone and LED call-in, 20 seconds. Video 45 seconds. Depress lit station button. Press Talk to reply. Monitor timer: 2-1/2 minutes.
Wiring2 conductor, 18AWG, non-shielded (Use Aiphone #841802.)
6 wires to monitor(s), looped. (Use Aiphone #841806.) LEF wired separately.
DistanceVideo Door to Adapter: 165' with 22AWG, 330' with 18AWG.
Adapter to last Monitor: 245' with 18AWG.

System Components:

  • MYW-P1L: Single PanTilt door adapter
  • MK-DBC: Video door station (any MY, MK Series)
  • MYH-CU: Video monitor
  • LEF-5, 10, 10S: 5 & 10-call master.
  • MYH-CUB: Video monitor, semiflush mount.
  • LEF-5C & 10C: 5 & 10-call master.
    • Add-on monitors MYH-CU w/add’l power supply (2 to 4 max.) Remove + wire between blocks.
    • LEF-3, 3C: Intercom only.

Communication Network & Wiring:

video intercom, video system, video door entry, aiphone