When communication is required for large areas, indoors or outside, many companies and organizations rely on a good horn loudspeaker to get the message across. Gone are the days of unintelligible noises from the speakers up on the wall or mounted high on a pole. Today’s horn loudspeakers offer a range of sound quality that puts the old models to shame. Wall mounted, set on a post, or even flange style horn loudspeakers meet your communication needs. Bogen offers a wide selection of horn loudspeakers including unidirectional, wide dispersion, and bi-directional. All are weather resistant and have excellent sound quality to minimize distortion in voice messages. Wheelock’s cluster horn loudspeakers are specifically designed for areas with a great deal of ambient, or background, noise, such as airports and other high-traffic areas. You can also find everything you need to go with your horn loudspeaker, such as beam clamps and adapter rings. You can find a horn loudspeaker that is compatible with your paging system, or a horn loudspeaker that is designed to operate with an amplifier instead. Many are designed to be resistant to the activities of vandals, so you can be assured that your horn loudspeaker can stand up to any challenge that it has to face. They also come in a wide selection of styles and prices to fit any business budget. No matter the size of the area, the background noise, or your target audience, you can find the horn loudspeaker to fit your communication needs for indoor and outdoor use.

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