Middle Atlantic, power, power strip, racewayNeed a custom power strip fast? With the MPR Series, you can design and build a custom power distribution system to your specifications! As easy to configure in the field as it is in the shop, the new modular power system provides the broadest selection of circuit and control options, and utilizes a proprietary pre-terminated interconnect system that snaps together in a fraction of the time it takes to custom hard wire other raceway products.

The MPR series is comprised of power modules, raceways, interconnect cables, and a sequencing controller. The concept is to mix and match power modules appropriate for your application.

  • You Design It - simply select the number of circuits and amperage/outlets required, and choose the appropriate modules for the job. Decide whether to use our flexible sequencing control system (USC-6R) or use any control system that provides 12 volt DC or contact closure outputs.
  • You Build It - use our pre-terminated cables to connect modules (no hardwiring required!), and install the modules in the appropriate raceway.
  • Easy Installation - raceways install quickly into racks utilizing our unique “quick-clip” mounting method.


  • Convenient genderless connectors which allow for quick, safe connections to be made - No hardwiring required!
  • A choice of 3 raceways which accommodate 3, 6, or 9 power modules
  • A variety of power modules available in 15 amp, 20 amp, or 20 amp isolated ground ratings, with four different levels of control
  • Allows for raceways consisting of 15 and 20 amp power modules to be connected to one 20 amp circuit, or to multiple 15 and 20 amp circuits
  • Stand-alone modules with 9’ power cord also available
  • Modules which can be controlled remotely can be operated using the Middle Atlantic USC-6R controller (see A&E spec. sheet # 96-960), or by any control system that provides 12 volt DC or contact closure outputs
  • Finished in a durable min-spangle galvanized steel

Middle Atlantic, power, power strip, racewayHow to Order:

    A fully configured raceway consists of at least four components:
    • one MPR raceway - accepts 3, 6, or 9 MPR modules
    • one or more MPR modules - provides 1 duplex outlet per module
    • J series AC jumpers - interconnects same-circuit modules
    • at least one T series tail - connects raceway circuit to main power

    For example:
      If you require a raceway that contains 4 remote sequenced 20 amp isolated ground outlets, 8 remote sequenced 15 amp outlets on a second circuit, and you need local switch sequence control, you will need to order:
      • [A] (1) MPR-6 raceway
      • [B] (2) RLM-20IG 20 amp modules
      • [C] (4) RLM-15 15 amp modules
      • [D] (1) J-12X6 jumper (sold in packs of 6 - 4 req'd.)
      • [E] (1) T-24X6 connector with tails (sold in packs of 6 - 1 req'd.)
      • [F] (1) T-80X6 connector with tails (sold in packs of 6 - 1 req'd.)

Modular Raceways
Available in three sizes to accommodate 3, 6, or 9 duplex power modules, our modular raceways provide a rugged housing that allows the user to configure the right power distribution system for the application. Constructed of 18-gauge min-spangle galvanized steel, each raceway features electrical knockouts for cable entry, an integral J-box with removable cover, and abundant cable lacing points along both sides.


Part ## Of Power ModulesOD LengthFits Racks Coded

  • All MPR Series contain an integral J-box which features an electrical knockout on each side and bottom.
  • Mounting: quick clip (see details), 2 supplied per strip.
  • Use indoors in dry location only.

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