The model MPU3200 is the ultimate in solid state digital message repeaters.This unit features a built in tape player for fool proof message downloading, along with flash memory and the ability to play up to six different messages.


  • Flash Memory – A technological breakthrough gives the MPU3200 the memory of the future. This new, nonvolatile memory means the recording will never be lost due to loss of power. Flash memory eliminates the need for back-up batteries.
  • Tape Mechanism – To guarantee a perfect download, our system uses the highest quality tape drive in the industry.This drive is built to accompany high end stereo equipment, not the lower quality products found in answering machines.The unit loads your customized messages on speed every time.
  • Crystal-Clear Sound Quality – 64 kbps sampling assures the highest quality playback of your messages.
  • Multiple Messages, Multiple Message Length – Record up to six different messages of varying length, as long as the total message length does not exceed memory.
  • Zero Gap – Most digital systems listen for silence to know when to stop recording.This leaves an irritating gap of silence between the end of your message and the beginning of the next message.The MPU3200 records the silence gap, but the on-board computer has the intelligence to go back and delete the silence leaving Zero Gap in the loop.
  • Verbal Prompting – Our unit is the easiest system to operate.A human voice leads you through installation of the messages.When power is supplied to the system it says, “Please insert your cassette tape with the label facing you and close my door.” When this is done you will hear, “I am loading your messages now.” At the end of the downloading the machine lets you know everything is okay by saying, “I have successfully digitized your tape.”


  • Trade Show Displays
  • Corporate Lobbies
  • Restaurant & Bank Drive Thrus
  • Interactive Kiosks
  • Alarm Systems
  • Theme Park Announcements
  • Museums
  • Intercom Announcements

An eight wire cable is supplied with the MPU3200. One end of the cable has a connector called a din connector, and the other end has eight color coded wires.

  1. Take the eight color coded wires and connect them to switches per the instructions with the unit.
  2. Plug din connector end of the cable into the din socket on left side of the MPU3200.
  3. With the RCA cable provided, connect either the 8 ohm or 600 ohm output of the MPU3200 to an 8 ohm speaker or other audio input.
  4. Plug the small connector end of the AC adapter into the 12VDC input jack on the side of the unit. Plug the larger power supply end of the adapter into a grounded AC power outlet
  5. To download your messages from the tape to the unit, press the eject button on the face of the MPU3200 and the door will open. A built-in voice will guide you through installation of your messages.

Technical Specifications

Size7.25"H x 7.5"W x 2.0"D
Digitizing Rateactual 64Kbps, effective 96Kbps
Recording Time2 to 48 minutes (model dependent)
Memory TypeNon-Volatile Flash
Output Codes600 Ohm / 8 Ohm
Power Requirements12V DC - plug-in AC adapter provided
Recording MethodTouch Tone Remote, Cassette Player, or Handset