aiphone intercom, loud speaker, commercial intercom system, aiphone The Aiphone MP-S Series Intercom has been designed for commercial applications where locating a staff (who may not always be in the same place) may be difficult. Single call (MP-1S) and 3-call (MP-3S) master stations are available, while substations can be desk/wall mounted (AS-3A), ceiling mounted (AS-3N) or 8ohm horns for maximum output. Audible call tone plus LED announce incoming calls in master station, while sub stations reply hands free for easier operation. 12V DC power supply is required in master station. MP mid-power (2,5 W) open voice intercom system is Aihpone's solution for small installations in noisy areas (warehouses, manufacturing sites, ships, ambulances etc.).


  • Compact master with powerful 2.5 Watt output for higher noise areas
  • Hands free reply from remote area
  • 1- or 3-call master station, desk or wall mount
  • Use 8 ohm horn speaker for maximum output
  • Subs call master with electronic tone and LED (MP-3S)

Power Source 12V DC, 1A maximum. *Use PS-1225UL power supply.
Communication Audio tone and voice to sub. Tone and LED, 20 seconds (MP-3S). Master uses Talk/Listen switch. 2.5W output at 1KHz. Output impedance: 8 ohm.
Wiring 2 conductor shielded, homerun per sub. (Use Aiphone #822202.) *Do not loop wire with common E wires
Distance 330' with 22AWG
720' with 18AWG

Communication Network & Wiring:

aiphone intercom, loud speaker, commercial intercom system, aiphone