pantilt, video entry systems, security door camera, aiphone The MY-CU & IE-8MD Selective Chime Tone and PanTilt Video System is one of the most advanced black & white video entry systems in the market. The system has advanced features including Pan & Tilt moving security door cameras (MK Cameras) and controls up to 2 entrances from 3 monitors (MY-2CD & MYH-2CD). The IE-8HD can be used as room sub stations to interact with any IE door stations. Just pick up the phone to communicate to the other person at the door station. The system is very easy to install and offers a variety of features, like door release control at both entrances, selective and all call intercom between room stations, call transfer, different call tone for each entrance and adjustable call volume.


  • Selective Chime Tone and PanTilt Video system
  • Door answering from all inside stations, with or without video monitor
  • Selective door release control
  • Up to two PanTilt doors and one CCTV camera, or one PanTilt Door and two CCTV cameras

Power Source IE-8MD 12 ~ 18V DC, 500mA.
MY-CU, MYH-CU or MYW-P3CB 18V DC. *Use PS-18C Power Supply.
Communication 4 or 2-tone chime, with volume control. Call-in timer: 45 seconds. Pick up any handset to reply. Monitor timer: 2-1/2 minutes.
MYW-P3CB Auto-Scan Duration 5 or 10 seconds, each camera. Press MONITOR button for 1-1/2 seconds to trigger auto-scan.
Wiring 2 conductor, 18AWG, non-shielded. (Use Aiphone #841802.)
6 wires, looped to Monitors. (Use Aiphone #841806.)
4 wires to IE-8 handsets. (Use Aiphone #812206.)
Distance Video Door to MY-CU/Adaptor: 165' with 22AWG, 330' with 18AWG.
MY-CU/Adaptor to last MYH-CU: 115' with 22AWG, 245' with 18AWG.

Communication Network & Wiring:

pantilt, video entry systems, security door camera, aiphone