Get CPI’s most popular, award-winning cabinet — high in strength and rich in features.

Freestanding four-post cabinets, or server racks, provide security for rack-mount computer and data storage equipment. CPI’s products feature high-quality construction and have been constantly enhanced to meet your changing needs. Beyond their exceptional capabilities to secure your valuable equipment, CPI systems also help your devices run effectively. The total CPI Cabinet Solution integrates equipment support with physical security, remote user access monitoring, cable management, thermal management, power distribution, and grounding and bonding; therefore, you improve lifespan, decrease downtime and increase long-term returns.

The M-Series MegaFrame, CPI's most popular and award-winning freestanding enclosure, offers the most cable management capacity and flexibility — with the largest variety of options and accessories. Built of anodized extruded aluminum, the MegaFrame provides maximum durability and strength with the benefits of lightweight construction. Because of its exceptional aesthetic design and variety of features, the MegaFrame is perfect for high-profile installations.

  • Exceptional aesthetic design, perfect for high-profile installations
  • 2,000 lb load rating (with or without casters)
  • Constructed of high-strength, lightweight aluminum
  • 19" EIA or 23" rack-mount width
  • #12-24 tapped, square-punched or specialty mounting rails with RMU markings for fast equipment installation
  • Integrated vertical cable management with 3" of cable capacity per side
  • Wide variety of sizes, mounting rails and doors
  • Variety of accessories, including enhanced cable management, monitoring and security measures, thermal management, power management, and grounding and bonding
  • Shipped fully assembled or knocked down for areas with small receiving docks or entryways
  • Highly customizable to meet the needs of unique applications

Cabinet Options Table

-Example Part Number: M1033-732

1st Digit
2nd Digit
3rd Digit
4th Digit
5th Digit
6th Digit
7th Digit










 EIA WidthCabinet Height and RMUCabinet Depth
(usable depth)
Cabinet style and mounting rails ColorDoor StyleShipping
1 - 19in
2 - 23in
0 - 84 in. (RMU-45)
1 - 78 in. (RMU-42)
2 - 72 in. (RMU-38)
5 - 48 in. (RMU-25)
2 - 24 in.
3 - 30 in.
4 - 39 in.
5 - 36 in.
0 - Tapped 12-24, Side-Yes, Top-Yes
1 - Tapped 12-24, Side-No, Top-Yes
2 - Tapped 12-24, Side-No, Top-No
3 - Square-punched, Side-Yes, Top-Yes
4 - Square-punched, Side-No, Top-Yes
5 - Square-punched, Side-No, Top-No
A - HP® Rails, Side-Yes, Top-Yes
B - HP® Rails, Side-No, Top-Yes
C - HP® Rails, Side-No, Top-No
D - Sun® Rails, Side-Yes, Top-Yes
E - Sun® Rails, Side-No, Top-Yes
F - Sun® Rails, Side-No, Top-No
G - IBM® Rails, Side-Yes, Top-Yes
H - IBM® Rails, Side-No, Top-Yes
J - IBM® Rails, Side-No, Top-No
1 - Gray
2 - White
7 - Black
0 - No Doors
1 - Font: Plexiglass
    Rear: Metal
2 - Font: Metal
    Rear: Metal
3 - Font: Vented Plexiglass
    Rear: Perforated Metal
4 - Font: Perforated Metal
    Rear: Perforated Metal
1 - Partially Assembled (Knocked Down)

2 - Fully Assembled

3 - Assembled With Casters and Reusable Carton

Chatsworth Products’ MegaFrame Cabinet can mount all brands of equipment. Don’t waste time and money shopping for various cabinets to support your equipment. The M-Series MegaFrame Cabinet System will mount all of your equipment while providing a consistent, professional appearance in your data center.

Cabinets (Listed by Height)

Specified Server Cabinets

CPI has made ordering easier by expanding its MegaFrame part number matrix so that you can now order MegaFrame Cabinets pre-assembled with your choice of tapped 12-24 rails, square-punched rails, HP rails, IBM rails or Sun rails.

HP rails are designed to support any HP server, but are required for "L" and "N" class servers. IBM rails feature round mounting holes to accommodate the bullet-shaped pegs of the eServer pSeries. CPI’s Sun rails are a three-piece system featuring a pair of front, z-shaped and square-punched rails. Additional half-height kits are available as accessories for each of these manufacturers’ rail styles to facilitate the mixing of different equipment within a single cabinet.

CPI’s tapped rails are constructed of high-strength aluminum. Square-punched and specialty rails are constructed of 14-gauge steel. All rails have Universal EIA 5/8"-5/8"-1/2" alternating hole pattern. Rails also feature RMU marks to simplify installation.