Interact naturally without wires in your way on the table and the floor. The Max Wireless Conferencing phone brings you ClearOne's industry-leading professional audio technology and advanced processing for crisp, clean sound in an easy-to-use conferencing phone. Simply plug in the base unit and start talking. With the modem Max Wireless Conferencing phone complementing your conference room, you're equipped to accomplish more in every meeting.

Max Wireless Conferencing phone eliminates restrictions imposed by wires. Simply plug in the base unit and use the phone in any room within signal range. The wireless design creates a clean look, without all the wires and cords that can be tripped on or run over with chairs.

Max Wireless Conferencing phone models use either the 2.4GHz WDCT (Worldwide Digital Communications Technology) or the 1.8GHz DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) standard, depending on the wireless requirements where the phone will be used. Both wireless standards are stable, extremely reliable and have a reputation for maintaining excellent sound quality.

Max Wireless Conferencing phone features Gentner Distributed Echo Cancellation, noise cancellation, advanced audio processing and full-duplex performance, so you can count on clear, highly intelligible audio for effective, interactive conferences.

What Industry Analysts are Saying About Max Wireless

"Max Wireless definitely fills a void in the conferencing marketplace, as there are currently no other wireless conferencing phone options available. I am quite impressed with the phone's audio quality, wireless range and ease of use, the combination of which will attract customers to this ClearOne product." - Elliot Gold, Telespan

"ClearOne has earned a stellar reputation for innovation and expertise in conferencing audio over the years, and Max Wireless should further enhance that reputation. The company has done an excellent job of blending its proven audio performance with the flexibility and convenience of wireless technology. I think ClearOne has a winner in Max Wireless." Brent Kelly, Wainhouse Research

"The wireless alternative to the tangle of phone and power cords running over and under the conference table is nice, to be sure, but would only be a neat trick in the battle with Polycom were it not for Max's other qualities. ClearOne has pushed its high-end technology into this table top device. The engineers paid particular attention to noise and echo cancellation and the result is an audio quality that, to my ear as a listener both in the room and on the phone, surpasses the high-end Polycom starfish with its tentacle-like satellite microphones."- Chris Shipley, DEMOletter

Max Wireless can turn any room into a conference room and provides a clean look with no wires on the table or floor.

  • Clear, full sound facilitates more natural interaction
  • Gentner Distributed Echo Cancellation more effectively eliminates echo than single echo cancellers
  • Noise cancellation removes background noises such as fans and air conditioning/heating systems
  • Full-duplex sound engages both microphones and speakers simultaneously so participants can speak and listen at the same time

Superior Audio
The clear, full sound of Max Wireless facilitates more natural interaction among participants.

One-Touch Conferencing
With the press of a button, access a conferencing services operator who can connect an unlimited number of participants.

Easy to Use
The intuitive, user-friendly controls are simple to operate.

  • Intuitive, user-friendly controls are simple to operate
  • Familiar keypad design increases comfort of use
  • 18-character LCD screen tracks battery level, signal strength and elapsed call time

Advanced Product Features:

  • Digital spread spectrum provides completely secure conferencing
  • 150-foot wireless signal range allows use in multiple rooms without moving the base unit
  • Up to 8 hours of talk-time lets you conduct lengthy conferences without recharging
  • Dual-function power supply/charger enables you to continue your conference while charging
  • 4-hour charging time quickly prepares phone for its next conference
  • Automatic power-save mode conserves battery life
  • 360 degrees microphone coverage ensures all participants are being heard
  • Speed dial stores 10 frequently dialed numbers
  • Audible warnings sound when the phone is out of range or needs recharging
  • Phone paging lets you locate the phone when it has been moved away from the base unit
  • Recording output on base unit connects to a recording device and captures both sides of the conversation
  • Mute button easily mutes the phone for private discussions

Perfectly suited for budget-minded customers who demand quality. The Max Wireless Conferencing phone is a great option for small meeting spaces, executive offices or clustered rooms that can now share a phone. The Max Wireless Conferencing phone accommodates up to eight participants.

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