GB33645 Network Media Box
The Media Box is a surface-mounted home run enclosure designed to mount over a standard electrical outlet box, to distribute all residential phone and data lines to various telecom ports throughout the home. The modular design of the GB33645 allows for appplication - specific installation and an economical solution for future changes. 110 Type terminations provide proven performance and reliability.

The GB33645-L1 model is equipped with a Telco Circuit module providing for up to six lines in six lines (stations) out. This module also contains an integrated RJ31X alarm intercept used in home security applications.

The GB33645-L2 model is equipped with one Telco Circuit module and one Data Circiut module. The data circuit module supports a separate Category 5 high speed digital data line, such as an ISDN or ADSL line. The data service input can be patched to one of four prewired data jacks within your location.

The GB33645-L3 model is equipped with two Telcom Circuit modules allowing for up to tweleve lines in tweleve lines (stations) out.


  • UL

  • 110 Termination

  • Expandable

  • Economical

  • Easy Installation

  • Both Voice and Data

  • Security Jack

The Network Media Box is the distributing point for the entire Voice and Data installation. Providing a single location for any changes that may occur in the future.

Space is provided in the Media Box Model GB33645-L1 for the addition of either one of the following models for field instalation. The Media Network Box also may be ordered with the modules factory installed as listed below.

Model GB33585-K1 - A category 5 four port Data Module for future data requirements.

Ordering Information

Part No.Description
GB33645-L1Enclosure equipped with one Telco 6 line circuit module and one RJ31-X security alarm jack.
GB33645-L2Enclosure equipped with one Telco 6 line circuit module, one RJ31-X and one 4 port category 5 circuit module
GB33645-L3Enclosure equipped with two Telco 6 line circuit module and one RJ31-X security alarm jack.
GB33585-K3Telco 6 Line circuit module and one RJ31-X security alarm jack less enclosure
GB33585-K1Data 4 port category 5 circuit module less enclosure

DIMENSIONS: 5.625W x 7.25L x 1.5H