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MultiVOIP is ideal for multi-location businesses looking to reduce toll charges between frequently called sites. MultiVOIP is a voice over IP gateway that integrates seamlessly into your data network and operates alongside existing PBXs, or other phone equipment to simply extend voice capabilities to remote locations. It is designed to help you maximize investments you’ve already made in your data and voice network infrastructure.

Office-to-office communication
A MultiVOIP network can be as small as two offices or as large as hundreds of offices. Each office installs and configures a MultiVOIP on their network and connects it to their existing phone equipment to begin placing calls, sending faxes, or making modem connections to the other offices on the VOIP network.

Off-net calling
Telecommuters or customers off the IP network can make free long distance calls by dialing into a local MultiVOIP and placing toll-free calls to any location on the VOIP network. You can even have a MultiVOIP at a remote site dial a local phone number for a free person-to-person long distance call.

Create off-premise extensions
Extend the reach of your PBX into home office locations. Simply connect a MultiVOIP gateway to the PBX at the corporate office, and another MultiVOIP gateway at the remote office. Now, anyone can place calls to the remote office by simply dialing an extension number. To extend your PBX to a building across the street, utilize a wireless bridge to connect the two networks. Now, you have voice and data connectivity without having to lay cables or paying monthly charges for dedicated lines.

Replace expensive tie lines
A corporation that utilizes tie lines to connect branch office PBXs to the corporate PBX can now use the company’s IP-based Wide Area Network to complete the call.

Save thousands of dollars each month
MultiVOIP can save your company substantial amounts in long distance charges. Even if your company uses one of the most inexpensive calling plans, a MultiVOIP network can quickly return your investment and begin paying you back.

Easy integration
With MultiVOIP, you avoid the hassle and expense of replacing your existing routers,WAN connections or phone systems required by other VOIP solutions. MultiVOIP simply plugs into your Ethernet network. Neither your phone service or network is placed at risk. Minimum requirements:

  • Ethernet network
  • WAN connection
  • IP addresses

Award-winning voice quality
With MultiVOIP, you’ll experience consistent toll-quality voice connections. Using the Perceptual Speech Quality Measurement (PSQM), Internet Telephony magazine found that MultiVOIP delivered exceptional voice quality. In fact, MultiVOIP outranked the competition.

MultiTech Voice Over IP PDF

  • MultiTech Voice Over IP Product Brochure
  • Analog Models

    Number of ports1, 2, 4, or 8
    Port interfaceFXS, FXO & E&M support on each port
    FXS interfaceKTS, telephone set, or fax; ground & loop start
    FXO interfacePBX station, CO line; 2-wire, loop start
    E&M interfacePBX E&M trunk; 2- or 4-wire
    E&M signal typesI through V
    DialingDTMF or pulse; RFC 2833 (DTMF out-of-band)
    Connectors1 RJ-48 (E&M); 1 RJ-11 (programmable FXS or FXO) per port

    Command Port

    1-, 2-port and digital interfaceRS-232C/D; RJ-45 (RJ-45 to DB9 cable included)
    4- & 8-port interfaceRS-232C/D; DB25
    Speed & Format115.2K bps asynchronous
    ProtocolsH.323 V4, SIP (RFC 3264), H.450.2-H.450.4,
    H.450.6 and H.450.8, RTP, RTCP, SMTP, Q.931,
    Q.Sig, T.38 and Group 3 fax relay, modem relay,
    DTMF out-of-band (RFC 2833)
    Bandwidth ManagementG.711, G.723, G.726, G.727, G.729 and proprietary voice compression, silence suppression, VAD, CNG
    Voice QualityDiffServ, G.165, G.168, adaptive echo cancellation, forward error correction, bad frame interpolation, tunable latency, dynamic jitter buffer
    ManagementWeb browser,Windows, SNMP agent, MultiVOIPManager, Syslog, flash upgradeable
    PowerVoltage & Frequency: 115v/240v AC, 47-60 Hz
    Power consumption: 1-port - 4.5w; 2-port - 19w;
    4- & 8-port - 46w; Digital models - 27w
    Dimensions1-port model:
    4.3"w x 1.0"h x 5.6"d; 8 oz
    10.8 cm x 2.5 cm x 14.2 cm; .23 kg
    2-port models:
    6.2"w x 1.4"h x 9.0"d; 2 lbs
    15.8 cm x 3.6 cm x 22.9 cm; 0.92 kg
    4- & 8-port models:
    17.4"w x 1.75"h x 8.5"d; 7.7 lbs
    44.2 cm x 4.5 cm x 21.6 cm; 3.5 kg
    digital models:
    17.4"w x 1.75"h x 8.75"d; 7.5 lbs
    44.2 cm x 4.5 cm x 22.2 cm; 3.4 kg
    Certificationemc: FCC Part 15 Class A, EN55022 EN55024,
    EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3
    safety: CE, UL 60950, EN60950, cUL, TS001
    telcom: FCC Part 68, CS-03, TBR21

    Lan Port

    Interface10/100BaseT; 10BaseT (single port models)
    FormatEthernet/Ethernet II or SNAP

    Digital Models

    Number of Trunks1 or 2 (T1/PRI-24 or 48 Channels, E1/PRI-30 or 60 Channels)
    Signaling1 or 2 (T1/PRI-24 or 48 Channels, E1/PRI-30 or 60 Channels)
    T1-CAS/Robbed bit signaling Clear Channel, Fractional;
    E1-MFC/R2; PRI-National ISDN 2, 4ESS, 5ESS, DMS100,
    Austel ISDN, ETSI, France Telcom, HK Telcom, NTT
    and KDD Japan, Korean Operator
    Line CodeT1-AMI or B8ZS; E1-AMI or HDB3
    Frame FormatT1-ESF or D4 (SF); E1-16 Frame plus CRC
    Connectors1 or 2 RJ-48

    Ordering Information

    MVP1301-Port FXS/FXO voip GatewayGlobal*
    MVP2102-Port voip GatewayGlobal*
    MVP4104-Port voip GatewayGlobal*
    MVP8108-Port voip GatewayGlobal*
    MVP428-FX4-Port Expansion CardGlobal*

    * Specify country when ordering

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