Multi-link offers a variety of telephone line sharing devices that represent the very best in servicing of equipment. Because Multi-link's quality control standards are so high, Multi-link manufactures only the highest caliber telephone control products. Multi-link's goal is always to deliver quality products that you can trust.

The following call processor products are an example of that standard...

The Stick
The Stick automatically answers incoming voice, fax, and modem calls and routes them to the appropriate device. Privacy features such as "barge-in" protection and security access codes for the remote modem access make The Stick an essential part of your communications system.

Take a look at the bottom line. Dedicated data/fax phone line, used just minutes a day, are not exactly a "cost-effective" method of doing business or communicating. With the national average monthly cost per telephone line at $50, eliminating an extra line can save you an average of $600 per year!


  • Eliminate dedicated telephone line costs
  • Automatic fax detection
  • Barge-in protection
  • Fully programmable
  • Screen junk calls to answering machine
  • Compatible with phone systems
  • Superior technical support
  • Programmable security access codes
  • Quality "ring-back" tone
  • Non-volatile memory

PolNet ACP
Each year the PolNet ACP saves businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars in phone line charges! The PolNet ACP series of Automatic Call Processors (ACP) eliminate dedicated phone lines by expanding the number of devices you can connect to a single line. With PolNet ACP you can gain effective connectivity for up to nine devices per line. Just think of the savings! No wonder businesses from Fortune 1000 to small proprietors rely on PolNet ACP for polling and other data exchange applications.

PolNet ACP offers more than cost-effective connectivity. With added information, security and equipment protection, PolNet ACP gives you piece of mind. Engineered with programmable security access codes for each device port, PolNet ACP gives you another level of protection to keep your proprietary information safe. PolNet ACP also provides dual surge protection for added defense against transient voltage carried over the phone line.

PolNet ACP is reliable and compatible. Manufactured to strict standards, PolNet ACP is compatible with virtually all telephone company phone lines, communications equipment and phone systems. Use the PolNet ACP for modems, data and credit card terminals, storage and monitor-throughput, if your equipment requires a phone line, the PolNet ACP works for you.

  • Eliminate dedicated line costs
  • Automatic fax detection
  • Data disruption protection
  • Remote diagnostic and programming
  • Compatible with phone systems
  • Application flexibility
  • Programming preserved in the event of power outage
  • Compatible with phone systems that do not generate DTMF tones during inbound calls
  • Available in 3, 5, and 9 port models

The LineHunter is a rack mountable 4/12 call processor that uses "selective ring" technology to route incoming calls and allows up to 12 telecom devices to rapidly hunt for and of the available outbound lines. True to the Multi-link tradition, the LineHunter saves money by allowing more devices to use expensive phone lines more efficiently. Perfect for POS applications, modem pooling, deparment stores, C-stores, truck stops, Universities, and MIS solutions.


  • Distinctive ring service allows precision inbound call routing and rapid outbound lin hunting in the same unit
  • Advanced circuitry makes the LineHunter transparent to the communication process
  • The average business phone line costs $50 per month, line-sharing technology can cut phone line costs by 2/3 on faxes, modems, direct lines and credit card readers
  • Integrated "barge-in" protection provides total security
  • 12-port hunting matrix rapidly seizes available outbound line
  • Add equipment without having to add lines

The Versa-Link is an automatic call processor that routes calls based on CNG and DTMF tones. DIP switches located on the device allow for easy programming.

The output jacks are labled Devices 1 and 2 (250 model) and 1, 2, and 3 (300 model) leaving the user free to use any combination of communication devices. A 6 port model is also available.

Barge-in protection keeps your data transmissions free from interuption. A busy signal is heard when other devices attempt to use the outgoing line.


  • Security
  • No misdirected calls
  • "Barge-in" protection
  • Distinctive ring compatible
  • Caller ID compatible
  • Manual call transfer
  • Data integrity