access control system, aiphone, remote device management, intercom system The NDR Lamp Memory with access and Camera Control System is designed for communication between a central master station and remote intercom stations. The NDR intercom system provides the same features as the NEM, but with the added ability to remote device management(such as door strikes, maglocks, lights, alarm contacts, and others). Masters are available in 10, 20, 30, and 40 station sizes, with or without a handset and add-on selectors in 20 or 40 station sizes can be connected to expand the systemís capacity. Single or dual master system (w/adapters), and fully intermixable with all NEM series components. In addition to communication to remote locations, an external device can be activated, such as activating a CCTV camera when the associated sub station is selected, or selectively controlling the corresponding door strike or maglock. All other features, functions, and components are the same as the standard NEM system.


  • Expandable to 120 stations
  • Built-in All Call amplifier
  • Call-in LED and tone remain until call is answered
  • Selective control of remote devices with RY-PA relay for each function:
    • Door release (selective momentary contact)
    • Camera call-up (selective maintained contact)
    • Control of any device or system controlled by relay
    • Control of dual devices off of the same channel

Power Source24V DC, 45W maximum. 2.5W (standby)
*Use PS-2410A for NDR-10 or NDR-20, or PS-2420UL for NDR-30 or NDR-40
Communication Pretone and voice at sub when selected
Sub call-in tone and LED remain, tone muted when in communication
Press and release Talk/Listen and/or use handset (voice activated)
Output 500mW maximum, adjustable
All Call: Press ALL CALL switch (6W for 10/20, 12W for 30/40)
Group call up to 10 subs with ind. select switches pressed, then press TALK switch (3W)
Wiring 1 common wire plus 1 individual wire per sub station looped (Aiphone #8222xx wire (xx = # of conductors)), or 2 wires homerun from each sub station (Aiphone #822202 (22AWG) or #821802 (18 AWG))
Separate 2 conductor to RY-PA and external device (Aiphone #822202 (22AWG) or #821802 (18 AWG))
Distance 420' with 22AWG
1000' with 18AWG

System Layout:

access control system, aiphone, remote device management, intercom system

(Loop wiring method shown. Otherwise, homerun 2 conductors from each remote.)
NOTE: Power sources for intercom, door strikes, and cameras not shown.