aiphone, lamp memory system, intercom, intercom system The Aiphone NEM system is a versatile intercom system with a host of applications and is ideal for schools, doctor's offices and healthcare facilities. An expandable and full featured nurse call intercom system, the NEM is perfect for coordination of health care staff to patients in need. The Lamp memory feature ensures that each patient's call is answered immediately. The lamp memory lets you know which Sub Station is calling the Master Station with a tone and light. Slave stations can initiate a call simple by pressing the button on the unit. The master will receive a call tone and an LED for the station that call will illuminate. The call will remain on the master unit until the operator responds to the call. Optional ceiling stations, corridor indicators, and bedside switches all allow patients and staff to communicate effectively in the hospital environment.

The NEM system can also be used as a master/sub intercom system. With a variety of substation types to choose from and multiple calling features, the NEM can satisfy the most demanding applications. You have the choice at the Master Station of a handset or hands free operation and the master can have up to 120 Sub Stations. When you call a Sub Station, there is a pretone sounding at the sub when selected. Master Stations go from a 10 call Master to a 40 call Master. There are add-on modules available from 20 to 40 call add-ons. When called, the Sub Station talks back hands free. From the Master Station, you can call each individual room, a group of up to 10 rooms, or an "all call" to all the rooms. The NEM Intercom System is extremely versatile, durable, and very user friendly.


  • Lamp Memory System: holds call tone call tone and LED annunciator until the call is answered
  • Pre-tone sounds at a sub station when selected by master
  • All call: calling all stations in the system simultaneously
  • Selective call for up to 10 stations at a time
  • Simple wiring! 2 wires per sub station
  • Wall mount or desk-top use
  • Wide selective of sub stations and accessories
    • OPTION: Background music can be integrated into the system
    • OPTION: Sub can call 2 masters simultaneously, using the NEW-5 adaptor
    • OPTION: Call from sub can be routed to second master during night shift, using NBJ Night- switcher
  • Expandable capacity

Power Source 24V DC, 45W maximum. 2.5W (standby).
*Use PS-2410A (for NEM-10 or NEM-20) or PS-2420UL (for NEM-30 or NEM-40)
Communication Pretone and voice at sub when selected
Sub call-in tone and LED remain, tone muted when in communication
Press and release Talk/Listen and/or use handset (voice activated)
Output 500mW maximum, adjustable
All Call: Press ALL CALL switch (6W, 12W)
Group call 10 subs with TALK switch (3W)
Wiring 2 wires per sub homerun, shielded, (Aiphone #822202), or 1 common plus 1 individual wire per station, looped. (Aiphone #822210 for up to 9 stations.)
Distance 420' with 22AWG
1000' with 18AWG

System Layout:

aiphone, lamp memory system, intercom, intercom system