aiphone, intercom system, elevator phone NEM Master-To-Sub Intercom System is the ideal solution for large open voice installations designed for communication with remote locations up to 4,000' away, or to each elevator in a building. Sub stations are available in surface or flush mount styles, and require a separate circuit board to be added for the call-in function. Three wires are required to each sub station. Master stations are available with or without a handset. The stations are very robust, while the system is easy to install and use, making NEM the first choice for schools, warehouses, parking and garages, hospitals and retirement houses.


  • For communication over long distances or from a control room into elevators
  • Subs can be up to 4000' away or located in elevator cabs
  • Console master system with Lamp Memory, where call-in signal remains until answered
  • Expandable to 120 stations
  • Push to talk or handset communication at master, hands free at sub station
  • Selective Call, Group Call, or built-in All Call
System's Technical Features:
  • Open voice (C) and handset type (A/C) master stations
  • Selective, Group and All Call from master station
  • Electronic tremolo and LED call-in from sub, staying lit until answered
  • Dual-master call adapter (NEW-5) for calling 2 master stations at the same time
  • Call switching adapter (NBJ-20) for transferring calls to a second master
  • Variety of nurse call accessories (bathroom pullcords, bedside call switches etc.)

Power Source 24V DC, 45W maximum. 2.5W (standby). *Use PS-2410A (for NEM-10-LD or NEM-20-LD) or PS-2420UL (for NEM-30-LD or NEM-40-LD)
Communication Pretone and voice at sub when selected.
Sub call-in tone and LED remain, tone muted when in communication.
Push-to-talk, release-to-listen or use handset at master (VOX)
Output 500mW maximum, adjustable.
All Call: Press ALL CALL button (6W for 10/20, 12W for 30/40).
Group call up to 10 subs with ind. select switches pressed, then press TALK switch (3W)
Wiring 3 wires per sub homerun, shielded. (Use Aiphone #822203.) Or 2 common plus
1 individual per station, looped. (Aiphone #822210 for up to 7 subs on one run).
Distance 2000' with 22AWG
4000' with 18AWG

System Layout:

aiphone, intercom system, elevator phone
  • PC-359Bís not shown