aiphone, nurse call system, intercom system The Aiphone NHX CommuniCare System is a UL 1069 listed Nurse Call system providing staff alert and communications for a variety of health care applications: nursing homes, elder-care facilities, clinics, sub-acute wards, and hospitals. The system is compact, easy to use, and provides the highest quality voice communication, allowing staff to efficiently assess the needs of patients. The NHX can be configured for call tones, lights, voice, paging, reporting and many other nurse call features. It is made to install easily, operate simply and requires minimal maintenance.

All calls are controlled at the nurses' station through a 50-call Master Station. It can be expanded with an optional 30-call add-on selector for a maximum of 80 stations. Each of the sub stations calls to the the master station are differentiated by urgency with tone and blinking LED's. Multi-patient rooms can be fitted with multiple sub stations. Each bedside patient station is available with either one or two jacks for bedside call cords to accommodate both private and two patient rooms. The system also offers two call levels to distinguish bathroom station calls from routine bedside calls. An urgent call station is also available for common area restrooms. Dual corridor lamps located outside each room instantly alert staff to either a bedside or bathroom call. And, a duty station can be installed in a lounge or work area so caregivers will never be out of touch.

It's a simple fact that no one can be in two places at once. With each caregiver responsible for many patients, staff members are stretched to the limit. The Aiphone NHX system helps fill the communication gap with an efficient nurse call communication system that saves time to sustain the quality level of care, improve efficiency and increase patient satisfaction.


  • UL 1069 Listed Nurse Call System
  • One 50-call master station, with optional 30-call add-on for up to 80 patient stations
  • Microprocessor based
  • Three levels of call-in (routine call, bathroom call & cord out call) with priority according to urgency and time of call)
  • Single and dual patient stations
  • Bedside call cords, bathroom call stations, and corridor lamps
  • Common Area call stations
  • Duty Station
  • 4-Zone indicator lamp
  • Simple common wiring in groups of 10 stations

Power Source 24V DC, 4A maximum. *Use 2 PS-2420UL for CCU. One additional PS-2420UL per two NHR-3A-4 Zone Lamps included in the system.
Station Capacity 1 Master Station
Up to 80 Addressable Stations (Patient Stations and Common Area Call Stations)
Call-in Priority 1. Cord-out trouble call (cord pulled out of patient station)
2. Call from bathroom pullcord station (NHR-7A)
3. Routine Call (when call cord button is pressed at patient station)
Talk Channel 1 Talkpath, private
Wiring CCU to Master:
5 Pair, 22 AWG, shielded (Use Aiphone #862210)
Trunk Line from CCU to Patient Stations:
4 Pair, 22 AWG, shielded, max. 10 patient stations per trunk line (Use Aiphone #862208)
Bathroom pullcord and Corridor Lamp to Patient Stations:
3 Conductor Homerun from each (Use Aiphone #822203)
Wiring DistanceCCU to Master: 65' with #862210
Trunkage Line (CCU to farthest Patient Station): 165' with #862208
Total wire used on each trunk line must not exceed 330' max. 10 stations per trunk line.
CCU to Duty Station: 65' with #862208
CCU to Zone Light: 165' with 18AWG
CCU to Power Supplies: 16' with 18AWG

Function Diagram:

  • Routine, Urgent Bathroom call or Cord-out trouble call
  • aiphone, nurse call system, intercom system