Individuals who work in a large office and even those who work in a smaller office understand completely the value of a good business telephone system. Anyone who has been on the receiving end of poor music on hold, static filled lines, hang ups from being transferred, or been involved in a speaker phone conversation that took place on a poorly installed or utilized business telephone system understands even more the value of a good system.

The value of a good business telephone system cannot be documented. However, any company that has lost a client because of their poor business telephone system can certainly make a case for the money lost. Companies like these tend to learn their lessons quickly and find themselves making a long term investment in their business telephone system by purchasing well known and established systems such as the Vertical-Vodavi Starplus STSe Enhanced Phone System or the Key System US Business Phone System. While business telephone systems such as these can cost hundreds of dollars each, the value when communicating with customers or potential customers is priceless.

A good business telephone system is usually equipped with digital capability and with the ability to grow and expand with the business using it. Generally, business telephone systems come with voice mail, multiple lines, away messages, mute buttons, three way and conference calling, call transfer, line share, caller ID and more. Keeping up with technology, many are VOIP capable and can be run directly into computer or cable systems.

Further growth of business telephone systems gives users the capability to send their voice mails to their computers as mp3ís or to their cell phones. Call forwarding sports the same features with the ability to talk directly from your computer with a headset. Many business telephone systems also offer the option of calling from a home phone, for example, that will route through the business telephone system, making the call appear as if it is being dialed from the individualís office. This is particularly impressive to clients who, if they have caller ID, see the number as the office number, giving the impression that the business is available to them 24/7.

Purchasing the right business telephone system only requires a little research from the business owner, or purchasing department. Most business telephone systems very clearly state what their purpose and uses are. Businesses can easily choose a business telephone system that will grow with them, or if the business intends to keep their office small, they can purchase a business telephone system that is less expensive but without some of the growth possibilities.

After a business purchases their business telephone system, they need to hire the right company to install it. Some businesses make the mistake of performing the install themselves, often causing many of the problems experienced in a phone system. Most companies that sell the systems will be able to install the phone system as well. However, in several instances this is not possible and most will recommend a different company to do it in their stead. If push comes to shove, a local phone company will install a business telephone system as well but at a premium price.

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