Easy, hands-free communication throughout your home keeps you in touch.

On-Q/Legrand®, the connected home market leader, announced a new name for its award-winning line of Cat 5 Intercoms — inQuire™ Intercoms. Offering a sleek, modern look that fits in a standard decorator wall plate, On-Q inQuire™ Intercom Systems are an affordable option for every home because they are Cat 5-based. This also allows On-Q inQuire™ Intercoms to integrate seamlessly with other On-Q subsystems, such as the lyriQ™ Audio System.

This next generation intercom that will keep your family connected using stylish, wall-mounted package about the size of a decorator light switch. You get great features like hands-free reply from every unit, multi-level volume controls with sleek, back lit keypads, plus high-quality speakers and microphones for crisp, static-free sound. So whether you're listening to the baby sleeping while answering your email, or screening visitors at the front door, the inQuire™ Intercom System will simplify your life- and keep in touch. By combining an innovative lifestyle-solutions approach to selling home technology with elegant, award-winning products, On-Q/Legrand® is the only source you need to succeed in the connected home market.

inQuire™ Intercoms Highlights

Cat 5 Based Reduced the cost of installation through the use of Cat 5. No need to carry special intercom wire! Standard Cat 5 wire - from your choice of manufactures - is all that you'll need. For quick and simple installation, all of the intercom stations feature convenient punch down blocks.

Separate Speaker & Microphone Deliver Superior Sound Why sacrifice sound by using a single speaker/microphone combo? On-Q/Legrand® improves upon current intercom designs on the market today by offering a separate microphone and a high-quality speaker to deliver crisp, clear sound that is integrated seamlessly in each intercom unit.

Home Runs from the Structured Wiring Panel Why would you want to run separate intercom wires to a station in the kitchen? Improve your efficiency by running standard Cat 5 from each room to the structured wiring panel.

Interfaces With Subsystems By running the intercom back to the structured wiring panel, the intercom system can interact with other existing subsystems – such as the whole house audio & camera monitoring systems – to offer extra features.

Sleek Updated Look Want an intercom that doesn't look like it was made in the 70s? The inQuire™ Intercom offers a modern design that trims with a standard decorator wall plate - perfect for any decor.

inQuire™ Intercoms System

  • Broadcast system - talk from any unit to all others
  • Interfaces with other subsystems, such as audio, for added features
  • Separate microphone and high-quality speaker deliver a clear, crisp sound
  • Cat 5-based system reduces the cost of every intercom installation

Indoor Colors

BlackWhiteIvoryLight Almond

Outdoor Colors

WhiteShiny BrassOil-Rubbed BronzeBrushed StainlessAntique Brass

inQuire™ Main Console Unit

Express Yourself Right Where You Are
The inQuire™ Main Intercom Station adds an extra section with status indicator lights. These lights have a short text label for each of the 12 possible station locations. The indicator light shows if that room is talking, on mute, or is in monitor mode. This is your main control station, typically installed in the wall in a central location like the kitchen or sometimes in a more private area like the master bedroom. From this unit you can monitor the status of your entire intercom system. The Main Intercom Station by itself fits into a 3-gang box and can be ganged with other decorator-style devices.

  • Trims with a standard decorator wall plate (included) offering a modern design, perfect for any décor
  • LED lights show stations in-use (green), mute (red) or monitor (orange)
  • Page, monitor, do not disturb and hands-free reply
  • Monitor multiple rooms at the same time
  • Multi-level volume control
  • Modern backlit keypad

inQuire™ Room Unit

Listen For Loved Ones
You'll never be more than a few steps away from answering the door, monitoring a child's room, or communicating to another part of the house with absolute reliability. The On-Q Intercom is easy to use and fits with any decor and provides hands-free intercom communication, monitoring and mute in every room. The is no hardware to carry and no batteries to replace. Works in concert with the Main Console for two-way communication with any other room unit.

  • Trims with a standard decorator wall plate (included) offering a modern design – perfect for any décor
  • Page, monitor, do not disturb and hands-free reply
  • Multi-level volume control
  • Modern backlit keypad

inQuire™ Door Unit

Weather-resistant door unit provides easy communication between the door & all indoor/room units. Available in both classic and modern finishes that are guaranteed to increase the curb appeal of any home. Install the optional door chime on the intercom module, and a chime rings through the other intercom units in your system when a visitor presses the button at your door.

  • Back lit button allows for easy operation at night.
  • Talk to visitors at your door
  • Connects to inQuire™ intercom system with CAT-5 cable
  • 110-style punchdown termination block
  • Installs in a 2-gang weatherproof electrical box (like a heavy die-cast aluminum)
  • System expansion allows you to connect as many as 3 door units

inQuire™ Patio Unit

Patio unit delivers all the same options that you have inside but in a weatherproof version. Add this patio unit to the intercom module and main console to communicate with the rest of the house from your backyard — take orders at the grill or remind your loved ones to bring sunscreen and towels to the pool. The patio unit installs in a standard weatherproof dual-gang electrical box and connects to the intercom module with a single pull of CAT-5 cable.

  • Weatherproof
  • Available in 4 colors

inQuire™ Audio Interrupt Module

The audio interrupt module is designed to compliment the inQuire™ Intercom System. It works in conjunction with both the lyriQ™ Audio System and the inQuire™ Intercom System by automatically muting any music that is playing through the lyriQ™ Audio System. It allows you to hear any pages over the inQuire™ Intercom System Once the inQuire™ Intercom System remains inactive for 10 seconds, the audio level on the lyriQ™ Audio System is then restored to its previous level. The Audio Interrupt Module is a great addition to the inQuire™ Intercom and lyriQ™ Audio Systems.

  • Easy interface that is designed to compliment the inQuire™ Intercom System
  • Works in conjunction with the lyriQ™ Audio System and the Cat 5 Intercom System by automatically muting any music that is playing through
  • Automatic operation which restores audio to its previous volume after 10 seconds.
  • Installs in a standard single bay in any Greyfox style enclosure
  • Standard T568A RJ45 termination for easy installation
  • No power required
  • Bracket included

Intercom Door Chime

This inQuire™ door chime allows you to use the inQuire™ door unit as a doorbell for your whole home. When visitors press the button, a chime sounds through all inQuire™ intercom units in your home. The chime unit attaches to the intercom module in an On-Q structured wiring enclosure.

  • Three unique tones to differentiate door locations.
  • Easily installs on the intercom module.