A connected home solution for every need and every budget. Your home is a refuge from the world, a sanctuary from the elements, a place you can relax in comfort. Maximize your home living experience with innovative solutions from On-Q/Legrand®. Let your family enjoy the convenience they want with the added peace-of-mind they need. Keep your family connected with our functional intercom and camera systems. Entertain with crystal-clear whole-house music. Experience the thrills of state-of-the-art gaming. Create an amazing movie theater in the comfort of your own home. Set your lighting to suit your mood, or to offer peace-of-mind while you're away. Surf the web without any wires and enjoy a beautiful day on your back porch. From amazing audio to wireless living, thrilling home theater to whole-house lighting, On-Q/Legrand® is changing the definition of home living.

Your home is a refuge from the world. A sanctuary from the elements. A place you can relax in comfort. From consummate comfort to intimate connections, On-Q® Home is changing the definition of home living. With On-Q® Home, it's what you don't see that counts.

Lose track of place and time with immersive home experiences or change the way you interact with your family. On-Q® Home provides the flexibility, freedom, and control to change the way you define a cozy and inviting home.

On-Q® proudly bring you a unique selection of On-Q® Home solutions. For more information, select one of the main navigation items at the top of this page and explore how On-Q® Home are innovating home living.


From amazing audio to spine tingling gaming, On-Q® Home Entertainment Solutions offer you all of the exciting top entertainment choices with none of the connection complications. Experience sights and sounds that will change your lifestyle.

Enjoy soft background music throughout your home or crank up the energy for a party. On-Q® lyriQ™ Music Solutions integrate with your existing audio components to put you in control of the sounds. Stylish, new Keypad Volume Controls have infrared sensors that allow you to remotely operate all keypads in the system.
Experience the thrill of the ultimate movie theater in the comfort of your own home. With On-Q® Home Theater Solutions you can literally feel high-quality, realistic musical performances and movie sound delivered through a range of entertainment choices including satellite, cable, DVD and the Internet, among many others. Pull up a front row seat and prepare to be blown away.
Whether it's HDTV, satellite, interactive TV, or DVDs, On-Q® TV and Video Solutions let you get the most out of all the hottest video-based technologies with rock solid signals and the sharpest pictures.
Elevate your gaming adventures to another level. On-Q® Gaming Solutions let your consoles come alive with awesome sound and web connections to open up the wide world of interactive online gaming. You'll get more intensity, more realism, and more action-packed enjoyment from every game. Our Amplified Sub-Woofer is optimized for the True Sound 2.1 Gaming Speaker System, delivering clear, low-frequency reproduction even at the loudest levels.


From easy Internet access to convenient multi-line phones to professional level home office technology, On-Q® Home communications solutions provide the features you need to keep your family and business communicating efficiently. Get connected with On-Q® Home.

Configure the network that's right for your lifestyle needs with our versatile offering of networking solutions. On-Q® Internet Solutions are designed specifically for residential applications. Secure, high-performance connections made easy through dedicated wall outlets, which means no visible wires cluttering the home's interior. Simply plug in your computer or other networking device and you're instantly connected to the network.
You'll never be more than a few steps away from answering the door, monitoring a child's room or communicating to another part of the house. On-Q® Intercom Systems not only deliver superior sound, but also install in decorator-style wall plates that blend into the home's décor. A broadcast system allows talk/page from every unit, and LEDs show stations that are in use, muted or being monitored.


Imagine your home responding to your needs and lifestyle. With Home Comfort solutions from On-Q® Home, the way you live in and around your home will change forever as you gain ultimate control over your lighting and environment. Experience a new world of home comfort and control.

Customized lighting scenes have never been so convenient or simple to program. On-Q® Lighting Solutions allow you to control your home's ambiance with one touch. Use special lighting to establish the right mood for any occasion or turn all lights on or off with the flip of a switch. Programmable lighting control will enhance your comfort and safety.
View areas outside and around your home. Adjustable cameras ensure proper viewing angles. Includes modulator for easy multi-TV distribution.