Same Great Call Management Software with Enhanced Security

Biometrics Encryption: How it works

PanaLog Call Management Software with Biometrics Technology helps make your data tremendously secure by distinguishing users by their individual unique fingerprint characteristics.

The SecuGen Optical sensor uses "Minutiae-based" fingerprint recognition. Although fingerprint images are initially scanned, the images are not stored anywhere in the system. Instead, fingerprint minutiae (feature points, or key points of the print), are used to create an encoded digital template for authorization and match identification. Users are then recognized via templates whenever they present their fingerprint for authentication. Your entire fingerprint image will never be captured or stored, and fingerprint images can never be recreated from templates.

Supports Panasonic Telephone Systems:

Continued Digital Support:

Continued Hybrid Support:

PanaLog Biometrics Technology

Fingerprint identification allows entry into PanaLog call record analysis areas. Double security level to prevent unauthorized access to private and personal call data and telephone record information activity.

  • Supports Windows® 2000, ME, XP
  • Optical Biometrics Sensor plugs into USB Port
  • Extension cable included for convenient placement
  • Administrator Level Security to designate users
  • Prevent unauthorized access & deletion of call records
  • One touch authentication: users place their registered fingerprint on the optical red sensor to confirm identity

2-Easy Steps for Secure Program Entry

  1. Confirm Identity
  2. Enter Secure Analysis & Reporting Areas

Biometrics Fingerprint Recognition Sensor : SecuGenFDU02

  • High-performance, maintenance-free optical fingerprint sensor
  • Resistance to scratches, impact, and electrostatic shock
  • Fast and accurate fingerprint v erification (less than 1 second)
  • Encryption of fingerprint templates (cannot be used to reconstruct fingerprint images)

Optical Sensor Benefits

  • Ergonom ic design provides comfortable fingerprint detection for right or left hand.
  • Provides personal computer/workstation security

Optical Sensor Specifications

SecuGen sensors produce very high accuracy rates. The optic design yields practically distortion-free, high contrast images from which data points are used for fingerprint enrollment and matching. An independent test of major biometric products carried out by the International Biometric Group determined SecuGen’s sensor and algorithm achieved 0.0% false acceptance and 0.0% false rejection rates. High quality images mean greater precision, less false rejection, less false acceptance, and better overall performance.

PanaLog Call Management Company has selected to include SecuGen optical sensors in our Biometrics Call Management Software to provide the most accurate and reliable interface in the United States to secure our customer’s call data and telephone records.