panasonic voice mail systems, panasonic kx-tvs voice mail, kx-tvs50 voice mail, panasonic voicemail Panasonic KX-TVS Series voice processing systems offer much more than voice mail and automated attendant service. You also get versatile features and options, such as multi-lingual service and custom service that let you custom-design your system to meet your specific needs. Digitally integrating a Panasonic voice processing system with one of the Panasonic Digital Super Hybrid telephone systems* will provide additional advanced features that are only available from Panasonic.

KX-TV Series Features:

  • Automated Attendant Service
    The auto-attendant answers incoming calls and routes the caller to the appropriate extensions or departments. Individual extensions can be set up with options for call screening, call blocking, or intercom paging.
  • Call Screening
    When this feature is utilized, the system records the caller’s name and announces it to the extension user before transferring the call. Each individual mailbox can activate or deactivate the feature.
  • Callback Number Entry
    The system can collect the telephone numbers of your callers before, after, or instead of recording a message, and include it in your beeper notification. The caller’s number will be displayed on your pager, allowing you to contact that person without first having to retrieve his/her message.
  • Caller ID1* Name Announcement
    Now, you don’t even have to look at your phone to identify certain callers. With Caller ID1 Name Announcement, you can store up to 120 pre-recorded audio messages that will be played through the telephone’s handset, matching a Caller ID number that is programmed with a pre-recorded message.
  • Caller ID1* Personal Greeting
    Up to four personal greetings can be recorded and assigned to specific telephone numbers. The recording is then played when that specific number calls.1
  • Caller ID1* Call Routing
    The System Administrator can assign up to 120 Caller ID numbers and program them to route the call to the desired extension, mailbox or custom service.
  • Covering Extension
    As an alternative to routing calls to the voice mail system, each mailbox user can set a covering extension that can be used when he or she is not available to answer calls.
  • Custom Service
    Often used in conjunction with automated attendant service, custom service allows callers 1-digit access to department extensions, information announcements or other system features. For example, a caller could hear a menu as follows, "To hear our daily specials, press one…for directions, press two…"
  • Enhanced Message Notification
    Each mailbox user can be notified of new messages in several different ways:
    • The message lamp** on your extension will light.
    • Your pager will alert you to call your mailbox.
    • Your pager will display the telephone/intercom number of the caller.
    • The system will call a predetermined telephone number to reach you.
    These notification methods can also be combined and programmed to operate in a specified sequence, so that the system can find you and alert you to important messages wherever you may roam.
  • Direct Mailbox Access*
    Mailbox owners can retrieve new messages simply by pressing the Message Waiting button; no confusing log-in codes are required.
  • External Message Delivery
    Allows you to pre-record a message and specify the phone number to be called and the time and date for the message to be delivered. If the destination number is busy at the specified time, the call can be re-dialed up to 15 times. You can even program in a password to ensure that your message is delivered only to the appropriate party.
  • Fax Detection
    When a port receives a fax call (and CNG tones are detected), the system will automatically transfer the call to the designated fax extension. This eliminates the need for a dedicated fax line.
  • Holiday Service
    The system can accommodate up to 20 custom greetings for holidays and can be programmed to play the special greetings on those days.
  • Intercom Paging*
    Notifies you of an incoming call even if your extension is unanswered. The system will put the caller on hold, and use an internal or external paging function to announce "I have a call for..." You can answer the call from anywhere in your facility by just dialing a pick-up code from any system phone.
  • Interview Service
    Allows you to set up a mailbox that will deliver and record responses to up to ten questions. Use this customer-friendly service to take orders, conduct surveys, collect suggestions, or to record requests for appointments.
  • Live Call Screening*
    Monitor your incoming calls while they are being recorded into your mailbox and, if desired, intercept the call. You can choose to hear your calls either through your telephone’s speaker or, for privacy, through the handset.
  • Remote Live Call Screening*
    Gives you the freedom to monitor your calls from the handset of any cordless phone whenever you must leave your workstation. You choose whether to pick up the call or let it go to your mailbox.
  • Voice Mail Service
    The KX-TVS120 supports 64 and the KX-TVS220 supports 1024 individual, password-protected mailboxes that can hold up to 100 messages each. Each mailbox owner may record a general message, a message for "after-hours" use, and a "busy" greeting that lets the caller know if you’re on the phone or away from your desk. After receiving messages, the system can notify you in several different ways (see ENHANCED MESSAGE NOTIFICATION.)

KX-TVS Series:

The KX-TVS325 provides 4 ports, 1024 mailboxes and 128 hours of voice message storage. Stores messages on hard disk. Expandable to 24 ports. Features a software upgrade from the KX-TVS320 that adds 25 new features and improvements that will make the system program and use eaiser.


  • Program up to 7 call destinations
  • Transfer to another mailbox, estension, outside line, custom service, voice mail service or auto attendant
  • Subscriber/user tutorial
  • Direct inward dial to desired extension, mailbox or custom service
  • Remote setting of incoming call service
  • Transfer sequence/no answer time setting per subscriber
  • Announcement for transferring calls to another operator
  • And more...

Voice Processing Systems Features

Unlimited Message Length xxxx
Remote Change of Company Greetingxxxxx
Delete Message Confirmationxxxxx
Clock Syncronizationxxxxx
Remote Call Forwardingxxxxx
Trunk Servicexxxxx
Day/Night/Lunch/Break Time Servicexxxxx
4 Port Expansion Card  xxx
Bilingual Spanish Prompts xxxx
AC Power Cordxxxxx
Subscribers Guide/Installation Manual on CD-ROMxxxxx
Set of Mounting Screws with Washersxxxxx
DPITS IntegrationYesYesYesYesYes
APITS IntegrationYesYesNoNoNo
In Band IntegrationYesYesYesYesYes
KX-TA624 IntegrationAPITS, In BandAPITS, In BandIn BandIn BandIn Band
KX-TA1232DPITS, In BandDPITS, In BandDPITS, In BandDPITS, In BandDPITS, In Band
KX-TD308DPITS, In BandDPITS, In BandDPITS, In BandDPITS, In BandDPITS, In Band
KX-TD816DPITS, In BandDPITS, In BandDPITS, In BandDPITS, In BandDPITS, In Band
KX-TD1232DPITS, In BandDPITS, In BandDPITS, In BandDPITS, In BandDPITS, In Band
KX-TD500In BandIn BandDPITS, In BandDPITS, In BandDPITS, In Band

Voice Processing Capacity/Configureation (DPITS/APITS)

Voice Mail SystemPortsHoursKX-TVS52KX-TVS102KX-TVS102
KX-TVS120432  1
 632 11
KX-TVS220464  1
 864  2
 10641 2
 1264  3
KX-TVS3204120  1
 6120 11
 8120  2
 10120 12
 12120  3
 14120 13
 16120  4
 18120 14
 20120  5
 22120 15
 24120  6
 24120  6