MINI-COM Classic Series Faceplates

The Classic Series Faceplates, with their sleek design, work in all single gang outlet locations. The faceplates also work with wall board adapters, raceway mounting brackets and standard size single gang junction boxes. The heads of the screws are color matched to the faceplate for a clean and consistent look for non-labeled versions. Classic Series Faceplates with Labels provide an aesthetic solution for complete identification. Other Classic Series faceplates can be labeled easily with modular labels. Dedicated sloped faceplates provide improve bend radius control ensuring standards compliance. Dedicated sloped faceplates with icon slots provide an alternative method for jack identification. Horizontally oriented faceplates work well with horizontally mounted T70 raceway. When using Panduit raceway and faceplates together, color matching is guaranteed.

Technical Information
Faceplate dimensions Horizontal H x W x L = 0.22 x 2.75 x 4.50 in.
(5.7 x 69.8 x 114.3 mm)
Vertical H x W x L = 0.22 x 4.50 x 2.75 in.
(5.7 x 114.3 x 69.8 mm)
Mounting options Screw holes with screw retention tabs, spaced for single gang openings, and works with Panduit wall board adapters (MWBA1 & MWBA-2G)
Packaging Supplied with two 1" long #6-32 screws and packaged 1 per bag, 10 per box. Bulk packages available, please consult catalog for part numbers.

Key Features and Benefits
Labels and label covers Follows TIA/EIA-606 labeling standards
Dedicated sloped version Provides improved bend radius control
Select styles available with icon slots
Modularity Accepts all MINI-COM copper and fiber modules; individual modules snap in and out
Economical Lower installed cost
Sleek Design Aesthetically pleasing look and feel
Matches raceway faceplates Consistent look and feel

Faceplates are available with multiple module spaces for both vertical and horizontal applications. Each faceplate accept individual modules for both copper and fiber optic applications. Faceplates are flush mounted with a clean look and be available with or without labels. Dedicated sloped versions are available for improved bend radius control and decreased requirements in wall depth.

Vertical Faceplates with Labels

Two Module SpaceTwo Module Space SlopedThree Module SpaceFour Module SpaceSix Module Space

Vertical Faceplates

One Module SpaceTwo Module SpaceFour Module Space

Horizontal Faceplates with Labels

Four Module Space Sloped

Horizontal Faceplates

Two Module Space:Four Module Space

Icons *



  • IW = Off White
  • EI = Electrical Ivory
  • IG = International Gray
  • WH = White
  • BL = Black
*Icons are available in the above colors plus:
  • OR = Orange
  • RD = Red
  • BU = Blue
  • GR = Green
  • YL = Yellow
  • VL = Violet