Aastra, Aastra Powertouch, speakerphone, ceiling hung wiring tray The small business world needs more productivity, more information, more time, more ser vice, more solutions, more flexibility and more value. Introducing the Model PT480e by Aastra Telecom. Loaded withfeatures designed to give you more. With its large eight line display screen customizable softkeys and improved headset options, the enhanced Model PT480e provides even more features and more flexibility for Small Business communications. Both the screen and multi-function indicator light are designed to provide more information with less effort.

The Model PT480e is provided with one touch access to popular network features such as Call Waiting ID, Three-way calling and CallForwarding to let you know whos calling while you are on line. No need to try and remember special codes or find lists. And with its large easy to read display and 200 name and number directory, the Model PT480e provides dialing information from your directory or callers list to help keep a list of your customers close at hand. Or, using the Web Configurator tool, label and program the on screen soft-keys as one touch dialers for those you call frequently. You can also improve productivity by using the built in handsfree speakerphone or plug in a headset for privacy while on the phone for making and receiving calls. The Model PT480e will work seamlessly with both 2.5mm and RJ22 jacked headsets and can be programmed to offer headset/ hands-free options for call handling. All these features and more, plus the quality and reliability you would expect in a business telephone, in a compact design that takes up less desk space.

Key Features:

  • Large eight-line screen with six display keys and contrast control
  • Call display, Visual Call Waiting, and Visual Call Waiting options
  • Speakerphone with mute
  • Enhanced Headset interface
  • Increase compatibility with PBX systems
  • Web Configurator - Functionality and sceen appearsence can be customized using exclusive Web
  • Configurator program
  • Menu driven softkeys for access to Network features
  • Security numbers prevents selected numbers (eg voicemail password, credit card number etc.) from appearing on the dis-play screen when dialed or redialed
  • Live dialpad feature
  • Multi-function indicator light (incomeing call, extension-in-use, hold and message waiting- CLASS/90 Volt)
  • 100-name and number Callers list
  • 200-name and number Directory
  • Headset Compatible the improved headset interface allows you to determine how to make and receive calls with a head-set headset only or a one touch toggle betweenheadset/handsfree speakerphone (Headset port for use with PC type headset with microphone)
  • Access to display-based interactive services
  • 10-number Redial List
  • Dataport - plug another phone into this one
  • Flash (Link, Switch or Answer) for getting Call Waiting calls
  • Copy key for saving Callers List information into the Directory
  • Options key - 6 programmable features
  • On-hook dialing, Goodbye key, Current date and time display
  • Contrast control for the Display Screen
  • Ringer, Speaker and Receiver (Handset) volume controls
  • Desk or wall mountable
  • English/French/Spanish language choices
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • ADA compliant

Web Configurator

Aastra, Aastra Powertouch, speakerphone, ceiling hung wiring tray The Model PT480e Web Configurator is a new, easy to use, web based software tool designed to provide evenmore flexibility and control over your communication needs. By using a simple web-browser interface, you can quickly configure the appearance and functionality of the Model 480screenphone.

The Web Configurator is a web based tool that allows you to customize your Model PT480e screenphone to meet your unique needs. This tool allows you to program specific buttons on the Model PT480e for "one touch" access and label them on the screen, eliminating the need for button labels or paper lists. It also can be used to change or add text to the screen display. Once programmed via the Web Configurator, the information is downloaded to the phone by calling a specified number and entering your personal passcode.

The Web Configurator provides detailed, step by step instructions for customizing the screen and functionality of the Model PT480e screenphone. Its as easy as filling outa form on line. Once the information has been submitted, a simple phone call allows the Web Configurator to download the information to the Model PT480e screenphone. The Web Configurator lets you customize the phone to meet your distinct and individual requirements. Using the Web Configurator, the Model PT480e adapts to your needs, rather than you having to adapt to the existing phone layout.

Aastra, Aastra Powertouch, speakerphone, ceiling hung wiring tray

  • Modify and add text to the display screen of the Model PT480e. Up to four lines of text can be shown on the screen. Use the screen to show your Company name, slogan, extension number etc.

  • Program softkeys to be one touch autodial buttons for your frequently called numbers. By labeling the softkeys right on the screen, you will always know what number is programmed into each key.

  • Telephone network feature access codes and voicemail retrieval codes are always difficult to remember and dial. Using the Web Configurator, these codes and numbers, including pauses, can be programmed for onetouch access via the softkeys and labeled accordingly