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Premier Technologies was incorporated in February of 1991. Premier is a manufacturer of high tech digital announcement devices and sells all of its' products through dealers that resell them to the end user. There were four primary competitors when Premier entered the "on-hold" marketplace. All of them had similar sound quality and differentiated themselves primarily with price. When Premier entered the market, they felt that the industry needed better sound quality. By the end of 1991, Premier had 100 dealers selling their products. Today Premier has over 2,500 dealers in all fifty states, in over 1,200 cities, and 13 different countries. Premier's drive to offer better sound quality and superior service has paid off. Today, Premier has over 50% market share in the on-hold industry while their competitors share the other half.

Premier is also selling digital announcement products in other industries. If you have ever heard an elevator talk to you, "Third floor, going up", it is probably Premier equipment, because Premier again has over a 50% share of the elevator floor announcement business in this country. Companies like Otis, Schindler, Thyssen-Dover, Montgomery KONE and many more depend on Premier for their floor announcers. In addition, security and in-store promotions as well as OEM, are markets that have become important to Premier. The need for digitizing sound for later playback is almost endless. To that end, Premier has a team of design engineers and technicians that spend all their time designing new products and improving existing ones. In short, Premier spends 15% of our annual sales volume on R&D so they can bring our markets the best in state-of-the-art digital announcement devices.

Premier has the finest equipment on the market and they compliment that with the best customer support in any of the industries we serve. Premier stands behind our digital announcers with a 3 year warranty. These are some of the reasons that Premier Technologies' sales have grown by an average of over 100% per year, compounded annually since 1991. This phenomenal growth resulted in being placed 336th in 1997's INC. Magazine' list of the 500 fastest growing private companies in America.