cordless phone guide, digital answering machine, cordless phone batteries, cordless phone headset Cordless phones offer portability and versatility that you just donít get with a corded phone. With new improvements in technology, the sound and security of long range cordless phones now rival those of corded ones. And quite often you will find that cordless telephones offer a great variety of advanced features. But with so many models and options to chose from, where does one start? Our cordless phone guide will help you decide which phone is the best for you.

Digital Answering Machine:
Some cordless phones come with digital messages that are stored in computer memory chips. The amount of time available depends on the size of the chip.

Answering Machine:
Other types of cordless phones come with audio cassette tapes that are used to record your greetings and incoming messages. Not as convenient as digital, but additional tapes can be purchased if you want to save all your messages.

Auto channel scanning:
Cordless phones select the best channel, one that is not in use or otherwise subject to interference so that you can have crisp clear calls that won't be interrupted.

Backup power supply:
Some cordless phones have base units that provide a recharging port, taking over when the phones batteries die.

Base Keypad Dialing:
This feature allows you to dial the phone while it is still on the port.

Cordless Phone Batteries:
Cordless Phones use the NiCd or NiMH battery packs which have the abillity to be recharged.

Cordless Phone Headset:
Headsets allow you to use your cordless phone hands free.

Built-In Caller ID/Call Waiting Caller ID:
Most cordless phones come equipped with Caller ID which is a service many phone companies offer that identifies the name and phone number associated with an incoming call.

You can use your Cordless Phones Flash button to answer a call-waiting call or to get a new dial tone after your caller hangs up.

Hearing Aid Compatible:
Cordless Phones are designed to function with hearing aids.

A cordless phone feature which allows you to put the caller on hold.

Most cordless phones come equipped with a screen that shows the number you dialed and sometimes the caller ID/call wainting caller ID.

Lighted Keypad:
Cordless phones with a lighted keypad are designed to be operated in the dark.

Programable Ring:
The ring on most cordless phones can be programmed to ring louder or softer. Some cordless phones have the ability to be programmed to ring differently.

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