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In today’s economy meeting customer needs is integral to your business success. Avaya’s PARTNER® voicemail solutions are designed to help you and your employees work more effectively and be more responsive to your customers — all while keeping your communications costs firmly under control. The PARTNER Advanced Communications System (ACS) is the communications system designed and developed by Avaya to deliver the powerful yet easy - to - use features you need now, plus the ability to expand with your business.

With PARTNER voice mail solutions, you can help ensure that every caller gets through to your business and is handled efficiently and professionally. And with the choice of voice mail solutions created specifically to work with PARTNER ACS and other PARTNER family telephone systems, it’s easy and affordable to take advantage of important extras to help your business deliver the best customer service possible.

Helping your business be more available and responsive
A flexible PARTNER voice mail solution helps you stay connected to all your customers and other callers. It offers ways to deliver a personal touch even when you can’t answer every call personally— whether you want to use voice mail as a backup (for example, when your receptionist is especially busy answering calls) or to answer all your calls. In addition to helping you receive messages wherever you are, PARTNER voice mail solutions help to route callers to the people they need. For example, you can:

  • Be responsive to callers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With Call Answer Service, callers are greeted by your personalized recording and can leave a detailed message in your personal voice mailbox. Messages can be retrieved anywhere, any time, day or night, from a touch-tone phone. And, each message is stamped with the date and time, so you’ll know exactly when callers tried to reach you.
  • Make sure customers who call during business hours can always reach a live person. With the ability for callers to transfer out of a voice mailbox to your receptionist or to another extension, you can serve the needs of customers who need to speak with someone immediately.
  • Answer calls with a friendly, courteous greeting and deliver the call to the right extension, person, or department. With the Automated Attendant as backup for your receptionist, your calls are answered promptly and directed to the right extension, even at your busiest times.
    For instance, callers can select from a personalized recorded menu of options by pressing digits 1 through 9—“For customer service, press 1. To speak with a sales representative, press 2,” and so on. Or, callers can dial an extension directly.
  • Have your voice mail system automatically call you when you have a new message waiting in your mailbox. With the outcalling feature, the system can dial up to five phone numbers in turn to find you and alert you to a new message. When the system reaches you, you can log in to the mailbox and retrieve the message on the spot, during the same call.

Helping your employees be more productive
PARTNER voice mail solutions also give you new and more convenient ways to improve communication—helping your employees work more efficiently and productively. For example:

  • Count on voice mail to get your callers’ messages word-for-word, with all their detail and nuances. It relieves you and your employees of the task of taking messages and relaying them while improving accuracy and your ability to respond to all your callers.
  • Provide callers with directions to your office, your hours of operation, and other important information using <>recorded Automated Attendant. This feature makes it easy for callers to access routine information quickly and frees your employees to speak with callers needing individual attention.
  • Create important internal messages and share them among co-workers using personal message distribution lists. This helps you and your employees get information out quickly and easily and manage your time more effectively.
  • For times when you need to work undisturbed at your desk but don’t want to miss an important call, the live call screening feature enables you to listen in when a caller is leaving a message. With the touch of a button, this feature increases your productivity by helping you determine which calls to answer right away.
  • Accurately document your conversations with customers and other callers to confirm details, and for future reference, using the record-a-call feature. For instance, it’s great for recording merchandise orders.

Choose the solution that’s right for your business
In addition to offering a wide range of productivity, accessibility and service-enhancing features, PARTNER voice mail solutions come sized and priced to fit your needs—whether you are just starting out with voice mail or want to expand your capabilities.
And with the choice of PARTNER voice mail solutions, you can start small and grow your voice mail features and capacity as you grow your business.

  • Try voice mail with PARTNER Voice Messaging—ideal for home or small office use. This affordable system provides easy-to-use voice mail with basic features to help improve customer service and employee efficiency. PARTNER Voice Messaging works like a sophisticated answering machine but does not require a separate piece of equipment. Instead, it comes on a special PC card2 that plugs in to your PARTNER ACS control unit (without cables or adapters) for fast and easy installation.
  • Get more flexible, powerful voice mail with the PARTNER Messaging system. This compact system expands basic voice mail features, offering more opportunities to meet your callers’ needs and help employees be more productive. Best of all, the PARTNER Messaging system gives you more advanced capabilities while keeping your voice mail easy to use and cost effective.

All the support you need
Like PARTNER ACS, the entire family of PARTNER voice mail solutions is backed by a choice of exceptional service and support options available from authorized Avaya BusinessPartners.

To learn more about PARTNER voice mail solutions for your business, contact your Avaya account representative or BusinessPartner. Or, visit our Web site: avaya.com/solutions.

  • New R7 Feature - Copy the Day Greeting to the Night Greeting
  • New R7 Feature - Directory Sub-menu Generator
  • New R7 Feature - Expanded Auto Attendant Announcement from 2 to 4 minutes
  • Auto Copy - user can copy messages being left in their mailbox to be also left to another mailbox
  • Phantom Mailbox - Provides call answer service for one message with the depositing of a message to another mailbox
  • Message Preview - User can listen to all "new" messages and still keep them "new"
  • Message Status Change - change a previously heard message to unheard status
  • Message Retrieval Order - LIFO or FIFO
  • Message Back-Up - Listen to previously recorded messages during that mailbox session
  • Last Heard Message - Listen to the last message played during that mailbox session
  • Speed Up/Slow Down - Speed up or slow down the replay voice
  • Unified Messaging Application - Integrated messages for email and voicemail messages
  • Synchronization with MS EXCHG - Automatically marked as read or deleted in both email and voicemail servers
  • Forward to any SMTP Server - Only forwards emails, does not synchronize
  • Electronic Documentation - Packaged in a single CD with installation guide and messaging administration
  • GUI Features - Ability to play messages from your inbox, and ability to view the length of message on mouseover
  • Improved GUI and System Performance - Web pages viewed and refreshed much faster
  • Automated Attendant (4) and Voice Messaging service
  • Cascaded outcalling (5 destinations)
  • Browser based access to voice mail messages
    • Netscape Navigator Version 4.6 or higher
    • Internet Explorer Version 4.0 or higher
  • Voice mail to email presentation as a .wav file

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