Superior Features and Proven Reliability at an Affordable Price

The Vertical SBX IP 320™ converged IP telephony system is the clear choice for today’s dynamic and growing single- and multi-location businesses. Developed in partnership with global electronics and telecommunications manufacturer LG-Nortel, the Vertical SBX IP 320 addresses your current and future communications needs by combining advanced telephony features, communications applications, unmatched ease-of-use, high reliability, and traditional as well as IP telephony at an extraordinary price point. No other communications system can offer the same value to a growing business.

Scalable to up to 32 users per system and capable of networking up to 72 systems together, the Vertical SBX IP 320 offers the latest advances in converged IP telephony technology. Small businesses can easily benefit from the many advantages of its rich feature set, telephony applications, significant flexibility and cost-savings associated with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). The SBX IP 320 supports both traditional and IP endpoints and trunking in a single system, so you can deploy VoIP immediately, or migrate at your own pace. Either way, the SBX IP 320 offers unmatched flexibility and value to meet the needs of your business.

Stay Competitive With Enterprise-Class Communications

The SBX IP 320 delivers the features and flexibility your organization needs to succeed in today’s highly competitive marketplace. You’ll be able to use the same powerful communications applications usually reserved for large enterprises in a system designed with your small-business budget in mind.

Impress Your Customers with Outstanding Service

Build trust and loyalty by responding quickly to customers, vendors and all other callers.

    Integrated Voice Mail/Auto Attendant
    Professionally greet every caller any time, every time — a hallmark of good customer service. Provide one greeting during business hours and another for off-hours.
    Uniform Call Distribution (UCD)
    Take your customer satisfaction to the next level by deploying robust call center functionality to automatically route calls to the next available representative. When sales or customer service teams can respond to queries automatically, callers spend less time on hold and more time conducting business.
    15-Party Conferencing Create
    Up to 15-party teleconferences among employees and outside parties to address business issues and meet customer needs. Passwords ensure secure participation.
    Multiple Tenant Groups
    Create up to five tenant groups to partition employees by departments or line of business. Each tenant group operates as its own virtual company, complete with dedicated auto attendants and customized call routing.
    VoIP (SIP) Trunking Reduce communications
    expenses and provide greater dialing flexibility through use of VoIP-based trunking via Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) services on your SBX IP 320.

Work Smarter & Faster

Level the playing field by using the advanced features to enhance the productivity and efficiencies of your organization.

    One-touch Call Recording
    Capture important messages by recording calls with the touch of a button. Get orders right the first time, support compliance initiatives, and enhance employee training efforts.
    Mobility with the Nomad IP™
    To the busy office worker, this is an ideal solution that allows you to roam around the building on your wireless network freely and still receive calls to your extension, thus reducing the number of missed calls and ultimately improving customer service and satisfaction. The Nomad IP handset can also be used from 802.11b wireless hotspots such as coffee shops and restaurants to access your standard telephone business features without being in the office.
    Nomad IP Soft Phone for the Mobile Worker
    Employees can use their laptops as handsets, ensuring they can make and receive calls even when away from the office. Whether on the road, at home, or at a customer’s site, they always remain available.
    Hot Desk
    If your business has multiple shifts, you can economize on phones and lines by allowing workers to log into different phones and still get their personal station attributes. This is a cost-saving boon for small companies unavailable in competing solutions.
    ezPhone™ Desktop Call Manager
    The Windows-based ezPhone desktop call manager operates seamlessly with Vertical IP and digital telephones. ezPhone allows users to power dial, manage conferencing via drag-and-drop, send SMS messages and handle a number of common telephone tasks quickly and easily. Traditional desktop phone features are also supported.
    Call Forwarding
    When employees are out of the office, they can still stay in touch by forwarding calls to any destination, including voicemail, or to a cell or home phone. Sales executives never miss an opportunity and teleworkers receive calls as if they are in the office.
    Detailed Reporting
    The SBX IP 320 can help you manage telephony costs and employee productivity through a standard Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) interface. This allows for integration with leading call accounting and reporting packages, including Vertical Vodavi Discovery CA.

Keep the Focus On Your Business, Not your Phone System

Ease of operation is vital for small businesses. Phone systems need to be easy to use without requiring costly service technicians for every system or user change. Although many phone systems promise simplicity, the SBX IP 320 actually delivers it. Proven in countless installations, it offers preconfigured settings for rapid set-up. Graphical, intuitive management software lets you add users or change phone attributes without a steep learning curve. You can even administer the system from remote locations. Employees can also effortlessly configure and use services like voice mail and speed dialing through intuitive soft key operation, ensuring they take advantage of these and many other features that expedite communications and drive business success.
The SBX IP 320 adapts to your business — your business does not have to adapt to the phone system. The bottom line is this: you control your phone system, not the other way around.

Grows With Your Business

The SBX IP 320 easily expands along with your organization, making it an invaluable, long-term investment in your business communications infrastructure. It easily scales up to 32 users on a single system for pay-as-you-grow scalability. Businesses can also extend communications by networking multiple SBX IP 320 systems through IP networking on a standard data network. Networked systems offer the same advanced features and applications as well as networked call transfer/conferencing, centralized auto attendants and centralized voice messaging. Networking multiple SBX IP 320 systems can cost-effectively enhance your existing data network by improving operations, intra-company communications and processes while controlling communications and system management costs.
Finally, the converged architecture of the SBX IP 320 lets your business migrate to IP telephony at your own pace. Deploy remote IP extensions, even while using traditional phone services, and gain the cost-savings of SIP trunks over conventional phone lines. The power and efficiencies of today’s IP telephony advances make any business more competitive.

The New Standard for Value & Economy

Offering unsurpassed practicality, reliability and versatility, the SBX IP 320 is the benchmark for small business telephony. With advanced features, handset options and applications, the SBX IP 320 proves that small hardly means limited.

  • Easy to own
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to grow
  • Easy migration to IP
The SBX IP 320 from Vertical Communications is the proven, practical and powerful solution for companies that want to compete, grow and profit more effectively.

Supported Endpoints
The SBX IP 320 provides flexibility by supporting a wide variety of wired and wireless IP

Part # DescriptionPart # Description
4008-008 Button Digital Telephone
2 line x 24 character LCD, 8 flexible buttons with red LEDs, 5 fixed buttons, 2.5mm headset jack
3824-7124 Button IP Telephone
24 flexible buttons with red/green LEDs, 3 line x 24 character backlit display (blue), 2.5mm headset jack, 2-10/100 ports, PoE 802.3af-compliant, option to power via AC adapter (3781-01), full duplex speakerphone, 7 fixed buttons
4024-0024 Button Digital Telephone
3 line x 24 character LCD, 24 flexible buttons with red/green LEDs, 7 fixed buttons, 3 softkeys, 2.5mm headset jack
3807-70Nomad IP 802.11b Telephone
Color 2-line LCD display, 2.4Ghz, WEP (64 and 128 bit); 3.5 hours of battery talk time, 35 hours of battery standby time, approximate range – 50M indoors
4010-0048 Button Digital DSS Console
48 flexible buttons with red/green LEDs, operates with either 4008-00 or 4024-00
3818-00Nomad IP Soft Phone
Microsoft Vista and XP compliant
3808-718 Button IP Telephone
8 flexible buttons with red/green LEDs, 2 line x 24 character backlit display (blue), 2.5mm headset jack, 2-10/100 ports, PoE 802.3af-compliant, option to power via AC adapter (3781-01), full duplex speakerphone, 5 fixed buttons
3560-08Door Phone Box
Door box with call button for warehouse/door/residential applications